The 5 Sur Ron Modes Explained

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The Sur Ron has 2 primary Modes and one of the models has 5 modes. In this article, we discuss all the Sur Ron Modes and the pros and cons of each.

All three Sur Ron models come with Eco Mode, also called EP Mode, and Sport Mode, also known as SP Mode. These modes provide riders with either more range or more power which equates to more torque and speed. There is also Rain Mode and Turbo Mode which are standard on the Sur Ron Storm Bee bike.

Sur Ron Modes

Obviously, the Sur Ron company believes that the modes they offer have benefits to some riders under different situations. It is our experience that most riders use Sport Mode the most but let’s find out why and what the other Sur Ron modes are good for.

EP MODE: Eco-mode

A view of the Sur Ron Modes display in EP Mode
Push the EP button down to engage EP mode while stopped or on the fly.

The Sur Ron Bikes are equipped with Eco Mode which limits the power output from the battery. This enables the rider to get maximum range from their bike while limiting the top-end speed. Eco Mode could get a rider about 65 miles and about 20mph – 105 kilometers if riding at an average speed of about 32kph.

When a Sur Ron X is in Eco Mode, it is at its minimum speed and power. From the allowed 6 kW in eco-mode, it limits the rider to a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour and noticeable drops in the low-end torque. This limited drop in speed and power might make the Sur Ron bike street legal as an electric bike in some areas.

Riders who commute long distances and do not require fast speeds will benefit from Eco Mode the most. Riding to and from work or school on city streets or through town is where Eco Mode is most suitable.

Since there are three models of a Sur Ron, all three, the Light Bee X, Light Bee S, and Storm Bee models each will have a different top speed and range when in eco-mode.

Sport Mode

A view of the Sur Ron Modes display in Sport Mode
Push the Sport Mode button down to engage Sport Mode mode while stopped or on the fly.

When a Sur Ron is in Sport Mode, the Sur Ron can be at full power and speed. Each model has a different top speed when in Sport Mode.

  • Sur Ron Light Bee X – Top speed of the stock Sur Ron X bike straight out of the box in sport mode is reported to be 32mph – with one quick adjustment you can make the Sur Ron go faster up to 47mph / 75 kph which I will discuss below. The exact range in Sport mode is undetermined due to many variables such as how fast you ride, or how much acceleration, but most riders claim they get around 20 miles of range which could be anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours of ride time.
  • Sur Ron Light Bee S – The top speed on the stock Sur Ron S Bike in Sport Mode is 28mph or 47kph. The range is slightly less than what you would get on the Sur Ron X, however, it will depend on the same factors listed above.
  • Sur Ron Storm Bee – The top speed of the stock Sur Ron Storm Bee is 50mph 80kph and the range has been reported to be about 65 miles at 20mph.

Sport Mode seems to be used most frequently by most riders since it provides more power and more speed. On the trails, it means a quick holeshot coming out of the corners and more speed in the straightaways.

With Sport Mode on, riders will also be able to do wheelies, jumps, and hill climbs much better.

On faster roads Sport Mode will allow you to keep up with traffic, however, the speed and power output will likely make the bike illegal to ride on the roads without it being registered, licensed, and insured in many places.

Since the out-of-the-box maximum speed is 28 to 32mph, many riders feel it’s just not fast enough. You can increase the top speed on all of the Sur Ron models with a simple modification that is easy and will take less than 15 minutes and not cost any money. To do this you simply deactivate the governer/speed limiter that comes activated when you purchase the bike.

Removing the governor on the Sur Ron X model should increase the top speed to 40 to 47mph. To find out how to do this or how to maximize the speed to over 60mph check out our page How To Make The Sur Ron Go Faster?

Sur Ron Battery Condition: Your modes will determine your speed, power, and range, but so will your battery condition. The Sur Ron battery is supposed to take 500 cycles before it very gradually becomes less powerful and less efficient. You should be able to get 1000 cycle charges out of a Sur Ron battery. If you are between 500 and 1000 cycles you may find that your speed, power, and range will become less with each charge.

It is highly recommended to take your Sur Ron battery maintenance and storage seriously since we have heard guys lose a lot of range long before their 500th cycle which was due to improper care or storage. To learn how to make your Sur Ron battery last longer and for proper storage see our article Sur Ron Battery Care: Proper Charging And Storage For Prolonged Life.

Rain Mode

Rain Mode and Turbo Modes are the latest in Sur Ron Modes and are only found on the new Sur Ron Strom Bee. The Storm Bee is a full-size electric dirt bike that is just now available in 2022.

Rain Mode: The Rain Mode provides a gentler and smoother power output to the Storm Bee which is combined with a more aggressive activation of ASR (Active Spin Reduction) to prevent the rear wheel from spinning on wet and slippery surfaces.

We are still waiting to hear more about the Rain Mode from users but because this bike is so new accurate information is hard to obtain. As we get more info we will update this page.

Turbo Mode

This is a unique feature for dirt bikes and it is found on the 2022 Sur Ron Storm Bee.

Turbo Mode is built for those hard-core riders, and for riders who race dirt bikes. Turbo Mode is built purely for riders that want the most torque possible and who want to push the Storm Bee to its limits. In Turbo Mode, the motor will output powerful bursts to keep you ahead of the competition. We will let you know more about what riders think of the reverse mode as reports come in.

Reverse Mode:

Since the Storm Bee is over 250 pounds it can be a bit heavy to push and pull around. The new Reverse Mode was designed to help riders maneuver the bike out of tough spots. We will let you know more about what riders think of the reverse mode as reports come in.

Comparing The Sur Ron

This Sur Ron has Sur Ron Modes

All in all, the Sur Ron is a great electric bike and I have heard it said many times and even by regular gas-powered dirt bike riders that the Sur Ron is their favorite toy and is a ton of fun.

But Sur Ron is no longer the only option available and there might be another option that suits you better.

See how the Sur Ron X bike compares to its closest competitors.

  • Sur Ron X VS Talaria Sting
  • Sur Ron X VS Segway X260

Everything else you need to know about the Sur Ron X can be found on our page Sur Ron X: The Best Electric Dirt Bike

Sur Ron Modes Q&A

That wraps up our article on the Sur Ron Modes but if you have any questions, comments, or tips on the Sur Ron Modes we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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