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We are a group of dirt bike enthusiasts and we have a passion for riding.

The long and short of it is that some of us have been riding bikes for over 30 years. I even started riding dirt bikes when I was about 7 years old ( 40+ years ago) because my father and uncles were all hardcore dirt bike riders.

My parents even built and ran the largest dirt bike track in my city and they ran competitions where riders came from all over the country to compete.

I was just happy as a kid to ride the track when the adults weren’t on it and now, I ride electric dirt bikes on the local trails for fun.

Our Mission

Unfortunately with urban sprawl and with the noise of dirt bikes, it became harder and harder to find good places to ride where landowners won’t complain and call the cops due to the noise.

With all the new options and advances in electric bikes, things are changing. I can now drive down my subdivision street on a silent electric dirt bike to the local forests and fields and ride without anyone even knowing I’m there. You can too.

This website covers all the cool things we have learned over the many years of dirt bike riding and we are sharing that experience and our expertise with our readers.


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Join Our Team

We are looking for riders and dealers that are interested in collaborating with us or joining our team of experts.


Riders: If you would like to contribute as a writer, editor, photographer, or videographer let us know.

Dealers Welcome: We can promote you to tens of thousands of readers interested in electric dirt bikes and all the parts and accessories that go along with them.

Contact us at electricdirtbikes@gmail.com