Talaria Sting Modes: 2 Modes Explained

The Talaria Sting modes are designed to help riders get the most out of their bike. The 2 modes will either give you more power and speed or more range. In this article, we discuss the Talaria Sting Modes and the pros and cons of each.

At this time there is only one Talaria model that comes with Eco Mode, also called EP Mode, and Sport Mode, also known as SP Mode. These modes provide riders with either more range or more power which equates to more torque and speed.

Talaria Sting Modes

The Talaria company believes that the modes that they offer on their electric dirt bike have benefits to riders that use the bikes in different conditions and for different purposes. In my experience, most riders will use the Sport Mode more frequently, but let’s find out why this is and what the other Talaria Sting modes are good for.


The Talaria Sting bikes are equipped with an Eco Mode which limits the power output from the battery. This enables the rider to get maximum range from their bike while limiting the top-end speed. Eco mode could get a rider about 60 to 65 miles and about 20mph – 100 to 105 kilometers if riding at an average speed of about 32kph.

When a Talaria Sting is in eco-mode, it is at its minimum speed and power. From the allowed 6 kW in eco-mode, it limits the rider to a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour and a noticeable drop in low-end torque. This limited drop in speed and power might make the Talaria Sting street legal as an electric bike in some areas.

Riders who commute long distances and do not require fast speeds will benefit from Eco Mode the most. Riding to and from work or school on city streets or through town is where Eco Mode is most suitable. Eco Mode is the best mode for getting you to and from your destination.

Sport Mode

When a Talaria Sting is in Sport Mode, the Talaria can be at full power and maximum speed.

The top speed of the stock Talaria Sting bike straight out of the box in Sport Mode is reported to be 32mph – with one quick adjustment you can make the Talaria Sting go faster up to 47mph / 75 kph which I will discuss below.

Sport Mode seems to be used most frequently by most riders since it provides more power and more speed. On the trails, that equates to a quicker holeshot coming out of the corners as well as more speed in the straightaways.

With Sport Mode on, riders will also be able to do wheelies, jumps, and hill climbs much better.

On faster roads Sport Mode will allow you to keep up with traffic, however, the speed and power output will likely make the bike illegal to ride on the roads without it being registered, licensed, and insured in many places.

Since the out-of-the-box maximum speed of the Talaria Sting is 28 to 32mph, many riders feel it’s just not fast enough. You can increase the top speed of the Talaria Sting with a simple adjustment that is easy and will take less than 5 minutes and it will not cost any money. To do this you simply deactivate the governer/speed limiter that comes activated when you purchase the bike.

Removing the governor on the Talaria Sting is often the first thing many riders do to their bike and it should increase the top speed to 40 to 47mph. To find out how to do this or how to maximize the speed to over 60mph check out our page How To Make The Talaria Go Faster?

Comparing The Talaria

All in all the Talaria Sting is a great electric bike and I have heard it said many times and even by guys that ride gas powered dirt bikes regularly that the Talaria is their favorite toy and a ton of fun. But Talaria is not the only option and since we are not biassed toward any one brand of electric bike, there might be an option that suits you better.

See how the Talaria bike compares to its closest competitors:

  • Sur Ron Vs Talaria Sting
  • Talaria VS Segway X260

Everything else you want to know about the Talaria Sting can be found on our page Talarai Sting: The Best Electric Dirt Bike

Talaria Sting Modes Q&A

That wraps up our article on the Talaria Sting Modes but if you have any questions, comments, or tips on the Talaria Sting Modes we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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