How To Make A Talaria Go Faster: 5 Best Options

The Talaria Sting electric dirt bike is already fast enough right out of the box, but we know that there will be riders that want to make it even faster and they will want to know “how do you make the Talaria go faster? In this article, I look at what users and experts are doing to make a Talaria go faster than the stock bike’s top speed.

You can make the Talaria go faster with an upgraded controller which allows higher power output and more speed. Also changing the rear sprocket and gears and changing the tires will increase the Talaria speed. An upgraded battery is another option to go with the upgraded controller.

There are ways that riders are making the Talaria go faster with speeds of 70+ mph (miles per hour). Some are easy and some aren’t so easy. Let’s find out how.

Note: Speeds and Ranges in this article are all based on the stock Talaria model as it comes right out of the box. Upgrades and modifications to the bike could make the bike faster or slower and your results may vary.

How Fast Is The Talaria: Top Speed

Before we get into making the Talaria go faster we should know how fast is the Talaria stock model is right out of the box?

  • Talaria Sting – Top Speed of the stock Talaria Sting straight out of the box is about 32mph – with one quick adjustment on the display panel and you can make the Talaria go faster up to 47mph / 75 kph

See how the Talaria Sting compares to its closest competitors:

  • Talaria Sting VS Sur Ron
  • Talaria Sting VS Sur Ron

Everything else you want to know about the Talaria sting can be found on our page Talaria Sting: Best Electric Dirt Bike

Now let’s find or how to make the stock Talaria Sting go faster.

Making The Talaria Go Faster: Adjusting The Modes

The Talaria Sting is an excellent electric dirt bike for hill climbing, enduro, single-track trails, race track, exploring, commuting, and pleasure riding. For some riding styles and riders, speed is not that important because the Talaria is already fast and powerful, but for many other styles and riders making the Talaria go faster is important.

The easiest way and the first way to make the Talaria go faster is by switching modes. The Talaria Sting bike has two modes and to make a Talaria go faster a simple switch to Sport Mode works best.

The EP Mode: The Eco Mode which is also known as the EP Mode keeps the Talaria from reaching speeds over 28mph and limited the power. The EP mode is best to make the bike street legal in some areas. It is also best for long-distance riding, and for prolonging the battery life and the range of the bike.

The EP mode is great for riders that are commuting through town. On the Talaria Sting, the maximum EP Mode speed is about 28mph but there are certain variables that will affect the top speeds.

Sport Mode: The Sport Mode which is also known as the SP Mode is better on the trails and on the track when the rider requires some extra bottom-end torque or top-end speed. The speeds riders can achieve when the talaria is in Sport may make it non-street legal in most areas.

On the Talaria Sting, the maximum Sport Mode speed out of the box is about 32mph.

There are factors that will slow or increase these speeds and there are also modifications that can almost double these speeds which we will discuss below.

Talaria Sting Speed VS Range

The speeds and ranges that the Talaria can achieve will be enough for most weekend riders and for less experienced riders.

The Talaria Sting comes with a built-in speed limiter or what some people call a governor which is for legal reasons. This limits the power and speed and is why an out-of-the-box Talaria might only reach speeds up to 32 MPH on level ground.

By unlocking the speed limiter, riders might be able to instantly reach speeds up to 47MPH.

The Talaria bike has a range of up to 62 miles or 100 kilometers on a single battery charge if you maintain a speed of 20 mph / 32kph.

Your range will depend on things like rider size, terrain, riding style, and your speed. As an example, if you have the throttle wide open for the majority of your ride or you are hard on and off the throttle, your range could be less than 20 miles / 32km.

Your speed will depend on many things:

  • Inclines and Declines – The more hill climbs on your ride the less speed and the less range your Talaria will get on a battery. Most speed calculations you read about are based on flat ground.
  • Terrain: You will get less speed riding off-road than you will on hard smooth roads. Riding on grass, sand, or loose gravel will give you less speed and less range.
  • Rider Size – A heavier rider over 200 pounds will get less speed and range than a lighter 130-pound guy would.
  • Tires – Enduro and tires made for the street will go faster than the softer knobby dirt bike tires. The size of the tire in the front and back will also impact the speed of the Talaria.
  • Controller – The controller controls the power output from the battery to the electric motor. and therefore the speed you are able to achieve. More power, more speed so an upgraded controller and the biggest modification to the make the Talaria go faster with reports speeds over 70MPH and even speeds up to an incredible 85MPH
  • Spocket Size – A sprocket with fewer teeth will increase top-end speed but will decrease low-end torque, and a higher toothed sprocket will increase bottom-end torque.
  • Gear Box: Changing the gears in the gearbox can also increase or decrease the speed.- see How FAST Is the Talaria Sting? \\ Talaria Speed Run – YouTube
  • Disable The Governer – You can unlock the Talarias Sport Mode for maximum speed and more power. This is the quickest and easiest method to make the Talaria go faster and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Battery Condition: Both your speed and range will depend on your battery, it’s charge and how used it is.

The Talaria battery is supposed to take 500 cycles before it very gradually becomes less powerful and less efficient. You should be able to get 1000 cycle charges out of a Talaria battery before you need to replace it. If you are between 500 and 1000 cycles you may find that your power, speed, and range will become less with each charge.

It is highly recommended to take your battery maintenance and storage seriously since we have heard guys lose a lot of range long before their 500th cycle which was due to improper care or storage. To learn how to make your Talaria battery last longer and for proper storage see our article Talaria Battery Care: Proper Charging And Storage For Prolonged Life.

Speed Limiter \ Speed Governor

The Talaria bikes are equipped with speed and power governor for legal reasons and to make it road legal (limited to 28mph on EP mode or 32mph on SP mode) across most states. With a one-minute simple adjustment on the Talaria, you can turn the governor off.

NOTE: Making the Talaria Sting’s speed and power unlimited it is legally questionable for use on the streets of most states. Ride at your own risk.

Here Are The Steps To Make The Talaria Go Faster

You can achieve your Talarias full potential by doing these simple steps below.

  • Turn on your bike with the key
  • Hold the start button for 6 seconds
  • Pull the left brake lever 4 times
  • Pull the green wire out enough to spread the loop and cut the green wire in the center of the loop.
  • Press the start button 4 times

That’s it, your Talaria should be good to go with 100% full power and the governor unlocked. If it doesn’t work, try again or check the owner manual. With the governor disabled you should be able to reach the full speed potential beyond 45 mph.

This is the easiest and fastest way to increase the Talaria speed from a limited top speed of 32mph on SP Mode to a speed of up to 47mph.

Make Your Talaria Go Faster: Over 70mph

If you still want more speed from your Talaria, some riders are reaching speeds over 70 miles per hour and to do so you will want to try the following options:

  • Use a sprocket with fewer teeth than the stock 44 tooth sprocket. To see that check out our page Talaria Sprocket Upgrade and Change
  • Gear Box – change gears – See More at Talaria Gear Box: Oil change and Gear Changes
  • Upgrade to a 72V controller. To see more on how to make your Talaria go faster than 60mph using an upgraded controller check out our page Talaria Controller Replacement and Upgrades
  • Change your wheels to Enduro or Street wheels. To see more on that check out our page – Talaria Street and Enduro Tires
  • Tire Sizes: Larger tires will go faster: See More: Talaria Tire Upgrades

Make Your Talaria Go Faster Q&A

As new information and products become available that can make a Talaria go faster, we will continue to update this page.

If you have any questions, comments, tips, and advice on how to make a Talaria Sting bike go faster let me and other readers know in the comment section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe,


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