What Is The Most Powerful Sur Ron?

A Sur Ron Electric Motor
The Sur Ron Electric Motor combined with the controller and the battery are what make the Sur Ron bikes fast.

What is the most powerful Sur Ron out of the 3 models now available. The clear winner is the full size dirt bike model known as the Sur Ron Storm Bee. Although it is the most powerful Sur Ron, it’s much heavier and bigger than the other two models. So how does all this power stand up when combined with all that extra weight?

What is the Most Powerful Sur Ron and Why?

What is Sur Ron’s most powerful Sur Ron? The new Storm Bee electric dirt bike was introduced to riders in 2022 and is quickly becoming a hit.

The Sur Ron Storm Bee has a more typical dirt bike appearance and is built with dirt bike quality parts. It has all of the physical qualities of a standard gas-powered dirt bike, including a head shield, front fender, and a lengthy slightly inclined cushioned seat. It has a large aggressive tread dirt bike tire and a heavy-duty front and rear suspension. And, honestly, since it is the most powerful Sur Ron it needs all of this.

In addition, the Storm Bee has a “costumed” appearance, with decals covering nearly the entire bike to give it that look and feel of a race dirt bike.

The LCD dashboard of the Storm Bee dirt bike shows crucial but straightforward information like the time, battery level, odometer, and speedometer. It also displays other data like motor conditions and riding modes.

The Strom Bee comes with five riding modes which enable the to choose power levels and increased or decreased ranges. There are also some very unique modes on this bike not found on the other Sur Ron models which you can read about at 5 Sur Ron Modes Explained

Sur Ron Storm Bee comes with a 96V 48Ah lithium rechargeable battery with an efficient brake regeneration system and a full-size charger to recharge the bike which takes about 4 hours to fully charge.

If you are riding at a steady 31 mph, this battery provides around a 93-mile range, with a possible extra 10 miles due to brake regen (depends on how frequently you utilize the brakes). In addition, riders may park next to any standard outlet to charge the battery without additional effort or adapters.

Storm Bee Transmission, Motor, And Speed

The Storm Bee runs on a solid 22.5kW 96V DC cooling system motor. The moment you open the throttle, this motor produces a torque of 382 ft.-lbs. This motor arrangement provides excellent acceleration with a unique Turbo Mode that provides power boots when needed most.

The motor can push the Strom Bee to do 50mph (80kph) in 3.6 seconds and will produce a top speed of 68 mph.

The bike also only has one gear since it is an electric motor and the motor’s strong torque results in the responsive snappy throttle.

Riders will love how well this bike handles on all types of trails and on the track and are sure to conclude that the Sur Ron Storm be is the most powerful Sur Ron currently available.

Sur Ron Battery Condition: The condition of your battery also plays a role in how powerful your Sur Ron bike is. The Sur Ron battery is supposed to take 500 cycles before it very gradually becomes less powerful and less efficient. You should be able to get 1000 cycle charges out of a Sur Ron battery. If you are between 500 and 1000 cycles you may find that your speed, power, and range will become less with each charge.

It is highly recommended to take your Sur Ron battery maintenance and storage seriously since we have heard guys lose a lot of range long before their 500th cycle which was due to improper care or storage. To learn how to make your Sur Ron battery last longer and for proper storage see our article Sur Ron Battery Care: Proper Charging And Storage For Prolonged Life.

How Does The Sur Ron Storm Bee Compare

See how the Sur Ron Storm bike compares to its closest competitors.

Everything else you need to know about the Sur Ron Storm Bee can be found on our page Sur Ron Storm Bee: Is It The Best Electric Dirt Bike?

What Is The Most Powerful Sur Ron Conclusion And Q&A

What is the most powerful Sur Ron? You now know it’s the Sur Ron Storm Bee with a whopping 30hp compared to other Sur Ron models that have below 15hp.

If you have a question, comment, or some tips for us and the readers regarding what is the most powerful Sur Ron, let me know in the comments section below.

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