Sur Ron Battery Charger: Proper Use, Trouble Shooting, And Replacements

The Sur Ron Battery Charger

We discuss the Sur Ron battery charger and its proper use, as well as common issues and troubleshooting. We will also discuss why certain replacement and upgrade chargers, as well as faster and slower charging chargers, and why you should or should not use them.

The Sur Ron Battery charger is perfect for the Sur Ron batteries’ voltage, amperage, and battery port. This ensures a secure connection and charging rate for a healthy battery. The Sur Ron Battery charger is a 10Amp, 600 Watt charger that maintains a proper input of 110V with a min/max output of 60V/67.2V at 10A.

You may have noticed the above 2022 stock Sur Ron charger is different than others that you might have seen. As far as we know, they are all internally the same with the same output and just the looks have changed from year to year. Using a compatible charger will ensure you won’t damage your battery as well as prevent a fire.

Sur Ron Battery Proper Charging Procedure

The Sur Ron Battery can be charged both while it is in the Sur Ron bike, or you can take the battery out to charge it or store it. Before we get into proper charging, did you know that your Sur Ron battery is best charged to 50% to 75% when you are storing it for the short and long term and that overcharging can be an issue?

You can also damage your battery by charging it when it’s too hot, or too cold, or if you leave it dead for too long. We have seen guys with nearly new batteries ruin a perfectly good $1600 dollar Sur Ron battery due to improper use and storage. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you: proper charging percentages and how to prolong your battery life, ideal charging and storage temperatures, ideal room humidity, and more on our page Sur Ron Battery: Proper Charging And Storage For Longer Life.

Sur Ron Battery Charging Out Of The Bike

  • Line up the charger plug to the battery port and then plug the charger into the battery, make sure when you plug it in that it fully clips in, you may hear it clip.
  • Plug the charger plug into the wall outlet
  • The Red light on the charger means that it is charging, and the green light means that it is fully charged.
  • Listen for the fan to come on and confirm the red light is on.
  • When that battery is charged, unplug the charger from the wall, then unplug it from the battery port.
  • Secure the battery port cap and your battery is ready to go (NOTE: Some experts recommend waiting 30 to 60 minutes after a charge to let your battery cool down before you use your bike.)

Sur Ron Battery Charging While In The Bike

  • Open the battery lid and turn off the breaker.
  • Unplug both connectors.
  • Plug the charger into the battery port and make sure it fully clips in.
  • Plug the charger into the wall.
  • Listen for the fan to come on and confirm whether the red light is on or flashing.
  • When that battery is charged, unplug the charger from the wall, then unplug it from the battery port.
  • Secure the battery port cap and your battery is ready to go (NOTE: Some experts recommend waiting 30 to 60 minutes after a charge to let your battery cool down before you use your bike.)

NOTE: some users report their charger does not show the green light or does not turn off when the battery says 100% fully charged. However, often, this might be due to the battery not actually at 100%, and it might take another 30 to 60 minutes to be 100%.

TIP: I set a timer on my phone to unplug the battery charger, so I do not forget about it.

Or, I also use an outlet timer that will cut the power to the charger at a certain time. I do this most often, especially when I plug in the charger and then go to bed or to work.

These methods ensure that I do not overcharge or forget about my battery and charger.

Replacement And Upgrade Sur Ron Battery Charger

There may come a time when you are going to need to replace your charger or maybe you want a faster or slower charger. Keep in mind that battery experts suggest that a faster charger may not be good for your battery and that slower charging is best.

If you need to purchase another stock Sur Ron Battery Charger, check these places out.

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GritShift Sur Ron Segway X260 60V 2 Amp Portable Lithium Battery Charger

This is a 2 amp charger which is less than the stock 10amp Sur Ron charger and it is advertised to be great for recovering over discharged batteries. This is when your stock Sur Ron charger will not recognize the battery and won’t start charging because your Sur Ron battery’s charge is too low.

Some users claim it takes forever to charge a Sur Ron battery but slow charging is apparently better than faster charging and often the 2 amp charger is the only one that will Jump-start a dead battery.

Light Speed Adjustable Charger

The LightSpeed 2A to 12A Adjustable Charger combined with the LightSpeed Sur Ron Adaptor is another option. This LightSpeed charger has been used by Sur Ron owners to Jump-start dead Sur Ron Batteries that won’t charge on the stock charger.

Fast Charger Upgrade

There are times when you will want to charge your Sur Ron faster. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no fast or turbochargers available for the Sur Ron

Trouble Shooting Your Sur Ron Battery Charger

There are times when your Sur Ron Charger will not charge your dead or almost dead battery. There are two methods that we know of that might help you get your battery charged again.

The first method is the Jump Start method which requires you to plug in and unplug your charger in sequence until the charger recognizes your battery.

The second method is to use a trickle charger to start the charge and to get enough charge that your stock charger will be able to charge it.

There are two fixes that we know of that will kick start a dead battery.

Method One

The first fix is the jump-start method which you may need to try a few times to get it to work:

  • Step 1 – plug the Sur Ron Charger into the battery.
  • Step 2 – Plug the charger into the wall outlet and wait until you see the charger flash red and green. If it doesn’t, unplug and immediately plug in again.
  • Step 3 – Once you see the light flashing green and red unplug from the wall again and quickly plug it back in. You should see it flash red.
  • Step 4 – Let that light keep flashing red for about 20 to 60 seconds until it turns to a solid red light
  • Step 5 – Once it goes from flashing red to solid red unplug it from the wall and immediately plug it back in. This should start the charger and the fan should turn on.
  • Check the Sur Ron Battery and you should now see the gauge at 0 to 5% and it should take a charge from then on
  • You can see this done on YouTube HERE

Method Two

If the jump-start method doesn’t work and your battery and charger seem completely dead it’s time for the second method.

The second method to get your Sur Ron Battery to start taking a charge is to purchase the Light Speed Adjustable Trickle Charger and a Light Speed Sur Ron Adaptor:

Once you receive the charger and adapter, connect the adapter to the charger and plug it into the wall

Then set the charger to 2amp for a slow trickle charge.

Then plug the adapter into the Sur Ron Battery: This should start charging immediately and you want it to build up enough charge that you can either charge it fully with that charger or so you can use your Sur Ron stock battery charger again. See how it is done HERE

With this second method, you want to order the charger immediately since leaving your battery on a very low charge for too long can cause permanent damage to your Sur Ron battery and a replacement Sur Ron Battery is about $1600.00.

NOTE: These methods may or may not work for you so if possible it is best to never drain your battery to zero when riding.

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Sur Ron Battery Charger Q&A

That wraps up our article on the Sur Ron Battery Charger. If you have any questions, comments, or tips you would like to share let us and our readers know in the comments section below.

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