What Is A Sur-Ron?

What Is A Sur Ron, A Sur Ron by a little creek

If you are reading this you have heard about the Sur Ron and you are wondering what is a Sur Ron exactly.

A Sur Ron is a hybrid electric bike that is part mountain bike and part dirt bike with a powerful battery and electric motor. It looks like a dirt bike but is built with mountain bike suspension, mountain bike steering, and mountain bike-type tires. However, it can reach dirt bike speeds.

It first entered the market in 2018 and has continuously piqued the interest of both dirt bike riders and mountain bike riders.

Let’s find out more about what is a Sur Ron.

What Is A Sur Ron?

The company that builds this mountain bike and dirt bike hybrid was founded in March 2018 and currently has a 50% robot-operated factory in China with distributors and dealers all around the globe.

Driven by the desire to create an e-bike that everyone can use both on and off the roads, Sur Ron developed a high-performance bike that gave users unforgettable thrills on their off-road adventures while still providing some riders with a great commuter vehicle that will get them where they need to go.

As of 2022, there are now three Sur Ron electric bike models available that are able to cater to the needs of many people, from a simple trip to the supermarket to fun rides along mountain terrains to cutthroat professional dirt bike competitions.

Here’s a quick introduction to each of the three Sur Ron e-bike models.

Sur Ron Light Bee X

A Sur Ron in the woods 450x min

The Sur Ron Light Bee X model is a lightweight, full suspension dirt bike mountain bike hybrid that is ready to conquer all kinds of trials and roads.

The Sur Ron Light Bee X operates with a durable 60V, 32 Ah quick-swap Panasonic lithium battery pack and the entire bike only weighs only 110 pounds / 50 kilograms, with the vehicle dimensions of 1.87m x 0.78m x 1.04m.

To make your experience as stable and smooth as possible, the Light Bee X features a lightweight aluminum alloy double cradle design with an improved riding position on a bike that can quickly ascend 45-degree angle hills.

It is equipped with a full mountain bike front and rear suspension for use on even the roughest trails and at high speeds.

The Sur Ron X also has sophisticated four-piston brakes in titanium-finished calipers with sintered pads, providing the higher brake power and better heat dissipation that you would find on gas-powered dirt bikes.

The Sur Ron Light Bee X incorporates fast charging technology that allows you a charging time of only three hours. A fully charged battery can provide a casual rider with a range of up to 60 miles or 100 kilometers.

The range will depend on the type of riding you do but, riders will usually get 1.5 to 3 hours of trail riding time and some riders say the battery will outlast them.

The Sur Ron Light Bee X can quickly achieve a top speed of about 45 to 47 miles per hour, 80 km/h with its 6 kW electric motor and 250 Nm of maximum torque.

With two modes for power or range, and a regeneration braking system for extra rage and ride time, this electric bike is superior to most electric mountain bikes on the market.

The Sur Ron is equipped with an electric start, lockable battery compartment, headlight and tail light, dirt bike style throttle, horn, and a kickstand.

There is plenty of range, battery, suspension, size, and speed options and aftermarket upgrades for users to make the Sur Ron Light Bee X better, more comfortable, and faster. Some riders are increasing the speed of their Sur Rons to over 80MPH.

Find out how to increase the out-of-the-box Sur Ron speed from 32mph to 47mph with one quick adjustment on my page How To Increase Sur Ron Top Speed: Up To 85MPH

You can purchase this bike online or at select dealers across North America. In the USA it sells for about $4200.00. In Canada, you can purchase the Sur Ron for around $6000.00 from Ebikezilla or Epic Cycles

Sur Ron Light Bee S

The Sur Ron Light Bee S is the model of bike that is designed for smaller riders, teens, and kids over 10 years of age.

With a power system developed from its predecessor, the Light Bee X, the Light Bee S is the definition of slim, light, and manageable.

Using only a 17-inch front and rear wheel, this low-key electric bike can generate an output of 3 kW and 220 NM of torque and speeds up to 32mph.

Weight and Size: The Sur Ron Light Bee S weighs only 88 pounds, / 40 kilograms, and is smaller than the Light Bee X in the frame, height, and length. This model is designed for adventurous youngsters ten years old and above who are also ready to train and conquer challenging terrains.

Range and Battery: Light Bee S gives you the right amount of fun with its 4-hour charge time and 25-degree climbing angle. With a range of about 43 miles at 12 miles per hour / 70km @ 20km/h. Find out how to maintain and prolong the life of your Sur Ron Battery on our page Sur Ron Battery: Proper Charging And Storage For Longer Life

Suspension: In addition, the light Bee S is comfortable and easy to ride with its lightweight forged aluminum body and a specifically designed single-crown inverted fork, and rear spring shock which is very welcoming for even those riders who are new to the trail riding experience.

The Sur Ron S has a top speed of 31 mph and a 48V 20Ah removable lithium battery, thus providing the young bikers with excellent performance and exhilarating rides. The Light Bee S also has 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes and an adjustable and lightweight rear suspension to ensure a safe and quality ride.

The Sur Ron is equipped with an electric start, lockable battery compartment, headlight and tail light, dirt bike style throttle, and kickstand.

The Surron Light Bee S comes in Black, Blue, and Red and retails for $3250.00 in the USA and $4100.00 in Canada.

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Our preferred Canadian Sur Ron dealer.
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Sur Ron Storm Bee

As the name itself suggests, Storm Bee is the real deal. The Storm Bee displays aggression and competition with its full-size build and classic dirt bike look. Massively weighing around 130 kilograms, the model satisfies pro riders yet is still a popular choice even among beginners.

It sports a massive peak power of 22.5 kW, a top speed of 110 km/h, and 520 NM torque. It also features lightweight forged aluminum material, consistent with the other Sur Ron models. These specifications allow riders a high-performance experience, setting another benchmark for off-road electric motorcycles.

Storm Bee carries a 90V 48 Ah removable Sony VTC Cell battery with only 3 to 4 hours of charging time, ultimately supporting your recreational weekend rides or pro competitions.

It also features a reverse gear function, a fully adjustable and high-performance suspension system, and a unique frame design that dramatically increases flexibility, maneuverability, and high-speed stability. Its E-Braking Energy Regenerative Systems (BERS) also allow riding with less anxiety.

Currently, the Strom Bee has three known versions: the MX, Enduro, and Road, each one made to satisfy different riding requirements.

A Sur Ron is a powerful, intelligent, and affordable innovation that has set a standard in electric bikes while offering improvements and solutions to cater to many purposes.

As the community of e-bike users grows daily, many enthusiasts expect Sur Ron to once again surprise the world with technology and an upgrade, defying what many may think is impossible.

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What Is A Sur Ron Q&A?

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