Sur Ron Wheels And Tires: Maintenance, Pressures, Replacements, Upgrades

Wet Sur Ron wheels and tires can be slippery

The stock Sur Ron wheels and tires are designed as dual-purpose on-road and off-road tires, and I would say that the tires are meant for 75% off-road, and 25% on-road. In general, the stock Sur Ron Wheels and Tires are decent dual-purpose tires for the casual rider and is decent on and off-road.

I trail-tested the stock Sur Ron wheels and tires for over 200 trail miles before I decided to upgrade. Many Sur Ron riders and experts will agree that the stock tire is NOT the best tire for either road or dirt trails and that there are much better tires available and many reasons to upgrade which I will discuss below.

I also noticed that the Sur Ron wheels and tires are not completely maintenance-free. In fact, after my first two rides I noticed some things that needed my immediate attention. In some cases, you will need to consider these things before your first ride otherwise you may have the same issues that I had. I will discuss this in more detail below.

Based on my experience and with the help of some Sur Ron riders and tire experts, these are the things you need to know for maintenance, tire upgrades, or replacements.

Sur Ron Tire Maintenance

Sur Ron wheels and tires maintenance involves four things: tire pressure, tire wear, rim inspection, and spoke maintenance.

There are other things that require maintenance which I discuss on my page Sur Ron Maintenance: Preventative Maintenance And Daily Safety Checks.

Tire Pressure:

Sur Ron Maintenance Tire Pressure
Proper tire pressure is important for performance, safety, and prevention of flat tires.

I was so excited to ride my bike after unboxing and setting it up that I didn’t even think to check the tire pressure. I literally hopped on and hit the local trails. I did notice while out that the tires felt a bit soft when going over some small logs.

When I returned home, I thought I should check the tire pressure and it’s a good thing I did.

The back tire was at 14psi, and the front tire was at 12psi, and I think this is how it came straight from the store. The max PSI for stock Sur Ron tires is 32psi, so 12psi and 14psi pressure is too low for these stock Sur Ron tires.

I have noticed that my Sur Ron tires will drop a few psi after about a week. This is why part of my normal maintenance is to check the tire pressure before each ride.

There are different tire pressures that are recommended based on the terrain you are going to ride. See below for tire pressure recommendations for both trail and road riding, and why pressure is important for your rubber, the rims, and your safety.

If you notice before or during a ride that your wheels feel soft or are not performing well, it is good to check your tire with a simple car tire pressure gauge. A small tire pressure gauge like the Vondior Tire Pressure Gauge or the AstroAI Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge is all you need.

Spoke Maintenance and Tightening

I did NOT check my spokes for about the first five rides on the trails. My trails are mostly hard-packed dirt with some small rocks and small logs. In some areas, there are lots of tennis ball and softball sized rocks, and some are even square and jagged. The result after about five rides was a wobble in my rear tire. At some point, or maybe even from the factory, some spokes were looser than others.

When you have some loose spokes, any extra pressure on the rim from rocks, logs, and even curbs (curbs can be the worst), the tire can deform in the areas where the loose spoke are.

Sur Ron Spoke 800x min

Loose spokes can result in a rim that is not true, perfectly round, or not straight on the side. My rim kicked out in two spots on the side. This caused a very noticeable wobble when I would spin the wheel on the bike stand.

I noticed the wobble more on the street than on the bumpy trails.

After a careful inspection in these areas where my tire was not straight, I noticed some spokes were loose and needed to be tightened to realine and straighten the rim. This is not always an easy task, so it’s better to check all your spokes tension before or after each ride to be sure they are equally tight.

Checking spoke tension is more necessary if you are riding trails with rocks and logs and less necessary for riders mostly on roads or flat and non-bumpy ground.

To check spoke tension check out this video, and to tighten your spokes you will need a good spoke spanner wrench like the MC Wrench Set, or for best results and to fix a wobble or uneven tires, the Warp 9 Spoke Torque Wrench Kit works on my stock rims.

Having a spoke torque wrench will ensure all spokes are evenly tight and some are not pulling too much or are too loose. This is not possible to do by hand or by feel. I found the only way to really get the wobble out of my tire was with a spoke torque wrench.

The spoke size on the stock rims, and the wrench size you will likely need is a 5.0 or 5.1. However, Sur Ron is known to change things from one year to the next, so what fits my spokes on a 2022 bike may not fit yours which is why I recommend a spanner wrench kit with multiple sizes.

I have also found that the 5.0 spanner wrench is perfect on most spokes but can be very tight on some spokes or not fit at all (not sure why), so a 5.1 or 5.2 size works best for me.

Sur Ron Tire Pressure: Stock Tire

Tire pressure will improve the performance and longevity of your tire. But, your tire pressure on the stock Sur Ron tires will depend on the type of terrain that you mostly ride on. I will change my tire pressure based on what I’m riding that day. I will discuss trail tire pressure for the Sur Ron stick tires, and the best pressure for street riding.

Best Sur Ron Tire Pressure For Trails

Trail riders usually find that a lower tire pressure of around 15psi to 20 psi on the stock Sur Ron tires is better for traction and control on rocks and loose terrain. Too low of pressure may result in a pinch flat, and too high of pressure generally provide less traction.

So this is what Is recommended:

  • Flat trails and hard-packed dry dirt: A tire pressure of 17psi to 20psi will provide more traction and better range.
  • Sandy and soft trails and muddy conditions: 15psi to 17psi will provide the best traction on soft or slippery terrain.
  • Rocky trails, sharp rocks, and logs: 18psi to 20psi may be required and will help prevent pinch flats while still giving you decent traction.

I tend to run my front tire with a little less pressure (1 to 2psi less) than the back tire since the way I ride I have most of the weight on the back tire, and I don’t want a pinch flat, and the lower tire pressure on the front gives me more traction in the corners.

The stock Sur Ron tire is rated for 32psi, but I would never recommend this on the trails. Yes, higher pressure can prevent pinch flats, but higher pressure tires also provide less traction on some terrain, and I have already determined that the stock tires are not great for traction. This is why I tend to run somewhere in the middle and will adjust my pressure based on the type of trails I am going to ride.

Sur Ron Tire Pressure On The Streets: 25 to 32psi

The stock Sur Ron Tire Pressure recommendation on the tire.
This is my stock Sur Ron tire. You can see they recommend 32psi on a cold tire. I find on the trails that anything over 20psi gives me a bumpy ride and I lose traction.

On the streets, a higher tire pressure closer to the maximum specified range of the stock tire is the best option. This will provide the best range, speed, and performance for the road. It will also help your tire last longer since riders find that having a low tire pressure on paved roads will wear your tire tread down much faster. A range of 28 to 32psi for the road is ideal.

If you primarily ride on the roads, you are going to need to replace your tires at some point and going with an upgraded tire better suited for the road is a smart choice.

Best 19″ Rear Tire Upgrades For Sur Ron: For Dirt and Trail

The Sur Ron Rear tire upgrade to a Dunlop MX33 or MX53 front tire. 800x
A good Sur Ron rear tire upgrade is to a Dunlop MX33 or Dunlop MX53 front tire which provides noticeably more grip and traction on the trails and on all types of terrain.

As I and many other riders have found, the stock tires are not the best and lack traction which I know from experience can cause accidents and possible injuries. For this reason, many Sur Ron owners recommend tire upgrades as soon as possible. There are also other reasons for upgrading your rear tire which include less risk of flats on the trail, and softer tires to absorb the rocks and bumps.

I ran my stock tires for about 200 miles, and during this time I noticed poor traction in sand and loose terrain and also noticed they were very slippery (caused a wipe-out) on hard-packed dirt that was wet. I compared my stock tires and their traction to a buddy’s upgraded Dunlop tires, front and back and he had far better traction all-around.

With rear tire upgrades for riding mostly dirt trails, you want to look for a tire that is lightweight, with a good tread for takeoff and for grip and traction. The tires listed below are tested and proven to work on the stock Sur Ron rims.

Riders are choosing upgraded tires that are motocross tires which provide stronger sidewalls and better tread designs, along with more durability and strength which means fewer flat tires compared to the stock Sur Ron tires. An added bonus with these upgraded tires and the thicker sidewalls is that you can also run lower tire pressure down to about 13psi for more traction on loose or muddy terrain.

To fit the stock Sur Ron rims, you will require a 70/100/19 tire size which means you will likely need a motocross tire designed as a front tire.

The 70/100/19 is almost always designed as a motocross front tire, however, after being tested by many riders, these front tires work very well as rear tires since they fit inside the rear swing arm with enough clearance to know to interfere with the chain, and frame, or other parts making these tires an easy swap and change from the stock tire.

Maxxis Maxxcross IT – 70/100/19 (fits stock rim)

Kenda K785 Millville II 19″ tire

Kenda K760 Trackmaster – 70/100/19 (fits stock rim)

Best 19″ Front Tire Upgrades For Sur Ron: For Dirt and Trail

Dunlop MX 35 Front Tire 800xx min

You want traction in your front wheels for better cornering and to prevent slide-outs. I experienced a slide-out on a hard-packed dirt trail that was slightly wet. It was like ice and down I went before I knew what was happening, and this was on a straight section with only a slight U-shape in the single-path trail. A buddy following was able to make it through on his upgraded Dunlop MX53 tires with only a slight slip on his rear tire.

Since its inception back around 2018, the Sur Ron X bike comes with 3 or 4 different forks, and some of those forks like the RST Forks have a smaller inner clearance which means not all tires will fit, so check that below.

For more information on all the Sur Ron forks and upgrades and other info such as maintenance, be sure to check out Sur Ron Front Suspension: 2018 to 2022

Sur Ron Front Tire options
You can see the difference in size and tread from the stock tire in the middle to the Dunlop MX53 on the left and the Dunlop MX33 on the right. The more aggressive tread and wider tire provide a lot more traction.

There are some great motocross front tires that will fit your front rims, but some tires will be too wide for certain stock Sur Ron forks.

Dunlop Geomax MX 53F

This is a great front tire for hard-packed trails.

Dunlop Geomax MX33 F

The Dunlop Geomax MX33F is a great tire upgrade for the Sur Ron.

It is one of the best tires for softer terrain and muddy terrain due to it being one of the widest tires on the list and due to its aggressive tread pattern.

However, being slightly wider at 3.32″ it will not fit the RST forks. It will fit the KKE and Fastace forks.

Bridgestone M203

The Bridgestone M203 is another great tire for the Sur Ron. This is one of the lighter tires that works very well on the front of the Sur Ron for most types of trails.

This is a good tire for mixed terrain, and it fits all front-end forks that come with the Sur Ron.

Tusk Recon Hybrid

This is another great option as a front tire for trail riding on most trail terrain.

Kenda K785 Millville II

Another good tire option for the front of the Sur Ron

TO BE CONTINUED . . . . Sur Ron Street Tires:

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