How Fast Does A Sur Ron Go?

How Fast Does A Sur Ron Go

How fast does a Sur Ron go is one of the first questions people want to know when buying a Sur Ron bike. Unfortunately, the official Sur Ron website does not tell you how fast each of the Sur Ron bikes are and since there are many different sources with different speeds listed, we decided to dive deeper into Sur Ron speed and finally answer the question “how fast does a Sur Ron go”.

The Sur Ron X top speed in Sport Mode is 32mph but with a simple modification that anyone can do, the top speed of the Sur Ron X is about 47mph. The top speed of the Sur Ron S model is 28mph and this speed can also be increased. The top speed of the Sur Ron Storm Bee is 50mph. These are stock speeds.

The reason that the top speed of the Sur Ron is not listed on the official Sur Ron website could be for legal reasons or because the bike’s top speed straight out of the box is much slower than what the stock Sur Ron bikes are actually capable of.

The true top speeds will depend on many things and we have seen evidence of most Sur Ron bikes achieving speeds around 45mph and modified Sur Ron bikes reaching speeds up to 85mph. Let’s find out how fast does a Sur Ron go and how to make it go much faster.

How Fast Does A Sur Ron Go?

The Sur-Ron electric bike is a unique mountain bike and motorcycle hybrid with upgraded function and it is fully electric.

What makes the Sur Ron bike’s potential top speed which can range from 47mph up to 85 miles per hour, which is faster than a 250cc dirt bike, is its lack of weight.

The Sur Ron X model also has a powerful electric motor of 6 kilowatts, and a huge battery and the net weight of the entire bike and battery is about 110pounds \ 50 kilograms. But how fast will your Sur Ron go with all this built-in power?

It is difficult to answer this question since there are many variables to the speed that your Sur Ron will be able to achieve. However, we answer the question of how fast does a Sur Ron go for each model, and in each mode, and we have obtained that information from actual tests performed by Sur Ron riders and experts.

The speed tests will vary since the Sur Ron’s actual top speed will depend on these factors:

Limiter / Governor

The Sur Ron comes out of the box with a speed limiter activated. It is said the reason for this is to be able to have the bike be legal as an electric bike in some areas. We discuss how to easily disable this limiter and how to make the Surron reach speeds over 60mph on our page How Do You Make The Sur Ron Go Faster: 4 Best Options


What is the range of the Sur Ron

The Sur Ron will be able to achieve much higher speeds on hard flat roads. Riding on loose gravel, sand or inclines will slow your speed.

Rider Size

A large rider will slow the bike down and so will a rider carrying a heavy load such as a heavy backpack. I much lighter rider will get faster speeds.

Sprocket, Tires, And Modifications

TIRES: How fast does a Sur Ron go with street tires? Some riders prefer to change their tires to road tires with a less aggressive tread. This will increase the speed of the Sur Ron on the road. Increased tire pressure will also increase the speed of a Sur Ron. How aggressive your tread is will also be a factor since riders that use very knobby tires will find a decrease in top speed on the road.

SPROCKET: How fast does a Sur Ron go with A lower tooth sprocket? Changing your sprocket to a lower tooth sprocket might increase your speed from 2mph to over 10mph depending on the new sprocket. Many trail riders will increase the sprocket to a 54 to 62 tooth sprocket which provides more low-end torque but will decrease the top end speed.

CONTROLLER AND BATTERY: How fast does a Sur Ron go with controller and battery upgrades? This is where the most speed will come from and upgrading your controller and batter for more power output is how riders are getting their Sur Ron to go over 70mph.

Sur Ron Battery Condition: Your speed will also be determined by the condition of your battery. The Sur Ron battery is supposed to take 500 cycles before it very gradually becomes less powerful and less efficient. You should be able to get 1000 cycle charges out of a Sur Ron battery during its lifespan. If you are between 500 and 1000 cycles you may find that your speed, power, and range will become less with each charge.

It is highly recommended to take your Sur Ron battery maintenance and storage seriously since we have heard guys lose a lot of range long before their 500th cycle which was due to improper care or storage. To learn how to make your Sur Ron battery last longer and for proper storage see our article Sur Ron Battery Care: Proper Charging And Storage For Prolonged Life.

How Fast Is The Sur Ron Light Bee X?

How fast does a Sur Ron Light Bee X go? The Sur Ron Light Bee X, which is also known as just the Sur Ron X is the most popular Sur Ron model.

For most riders, the Sur Ron X has the potential speed of 41 to 47 miles per hour without any upgrades and with one single and easy modification that anyone can do. That modification is to simply disable the governor.

Sport Mode Speed: Straight out of the box with the governor on, when the Sur Ron is in Sport Mode most riders find the Sur Ron X will be able to achieve speeds of 30mph to 32mph. These speeds are usually achieved on flat hard paved roads.

Eco Mode: Eco Mode, also known as EP mode cuts the power output for more range and ride time but this also limits the top speed. In Eco Mode, the top speeds that most riders will get with the Sur Ron X are 24 to 28mph.

There are 4 modes found on Sur Ron bikes and we discuss these on our page The 4 Sur Ron Modes Explained

There are three models of the Sur Ron direct from the Sur Ron manufacturer and also some custom models from select dealers and they all have different top speeds.

We decided to also find out how fast the Sur Ron Light Bee S is, and how fast the Sur Ron Storm Bee is.

How Fast Is The Sur Ron Light Bee S?

The Sur Ron Light Bee S model is made with a smaller motor and lighter frame and is targeted to smaller riders, women, and to kids and teens over 10 years old.

Most riders will find the Sur Ron Light Bee S goes as fast as 12 to 15 mph or 20 to 25 MPH which is great for kids and new riders.

It is recommended for riders to be at least 10 years old but we have seen riders younger on the Sur Ron Light Bee S bike.

With modification to the Sur Ron Light Bee S, we have heard reports of top speeds on the Sur Ron S Bike up to 31mph or 49kph

How Fast Is The Sur Ron Storm Bee?

The Storm Bee is a Sur Ron model considered to be a full-sized dirt bike and is said to go from 0 to 50mph in under 3.6 seconds.

The Sur Ron Storm Bee off-road electric dirt bike has a similar speed range to the Sur Ron Light Bee X with an out-of-the-box top speed of 50mph \ 80kph.

The Storm Bee will first be released in the North American market in MX and Enduro trim, with a road-legal version coming at a later date.

With the Sur Ron Storm Bee bikes, you can adjust how fast you want your Sur Ron to go and how much power output comes from the battery by using the 4 modes equipped on the bike.

EP Mode also known as eco-mode cuts power and speed but increases range and ride time.

SP Mode which is also known as sports mode allows the rider to use maximum power output and speed.

Apparently, there is a Rain Mode and A Turbo Mode. We are still looking into speed details for each of these modes.

Sur Ron Top Speed Safety?

The suspension, steering, wheels, and overall build quality will allow the Sur Ron to drive at speeds up to 60 mph safely with good stability and good handling.

Riders upgrading their bikes to go faster will often upgrade their suspension and tires which will provide a more stable and safer ride with better handling.

Since e-bikes get less recognition as everyday vehicles some riders think of them more like toy bikes and they don’t put much consideration into safety gear but when you are reaching speeds over 30mph it is highly recommended to prioritize basic safety precautions.

Using proper safety equipment, following traffic rules, and most importantly, being aware at most times are only a few of the safety measures you can do to be safer riding a Sur Ron on the road or trails at high speeds.

At high speeds, the very minimum in safety equipment should be a bike helmet, but for more serious trail riding, there is a lot of other safety gear to consider and we discuss that on our page Best Safety Gear For Sur Ron Riders.

How Fast Does A Sur Ron Go: Comparisons

Buying electric bikes such as the Sur Ron will often start with the question of speed and the Sur Ron is one of the most economical and fastest electric dirt bikes available.

See how the Sur Ron X bike compares to its closest competitors:

  • Sur Ron Vs Talaria Sting
  • Sur Ron VS Segway X260

Everything else you want to know about the Sur Ron X Light Bee can be found on our page Surron X: The Best Electric Dirt Bike

How Fast Does A Sur Ron Go Q &A

So now you know how fast can a Sur Ron go with its maximum speed on the stock bike being about 41 to 47 miles per hour.

If you have any questions, comments, or advice on how fast does a Sur Ron go let me know in the comments section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe,

Graham and The EDB Team

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