How Do You Make The Sur Ron Go Faster: 4 Best Options

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For some riders, the Sur Ron X bike is fast enough as it is when you buy it, but other riders want more speed and they want to know “how do you make the Sur Ron go faster? In this article, I look at what users and experts are doing to make a Sur Ron go faster than the stock bike’s top speed.

You can make the Sur Ron go faster by cutting the limiter wire, or by using an upgraded controller which allows higher power output and more speed. A simple switch to the Sport Mode will also make your Sur Ron go faster.

You can also make the Sur Ron go faster by changing your sprocket and your tires and there are ways that riders are making the Sur Rons reach speeds of 70 mph (miles per hour). Let’s find out how.

Note: Speeds and Ranges in this article are all based on the Sur Ron Light Bee X model, and not on the Sur Ron Light Bee S or the Sur Ron Storm Bee unless specified. However, there will be some similarities to the way in which you can make the Sur Ron go faster for all models. Results may vary.

How Fast Is The Surron: Top Speed

Before we get into making the Sur Ron go faster we should know how fast is the Sur Ron stock models?

  • Sur Ron Light Bee X – Top Speed of the stock Sur Ron X bike straight out of the box is 32mph – with one quick adjustment you can make the Sur Ron go faster up to 47mph / 75 kph
  • Sur Ron Light Bee S – The top speed on the stock Sur Ron S Bike is 28mph or 47kph
  • Sur Ron Storm Bee – The top speed of the stock Sur Ron Storm Bee is 50mph 80kph

See how the Sur Ron Compares to its closest competitors:

  • Sur Ron Vs Talaria Sting
  • Sur Ron VS Segway X260

Everything else you want to know about the Sur Ron X Light Bee can be found on our page Surron X: The Best Electric Dirt Bike

Now let’s find or how to make the Sur Ron go faster.

Making The Sur Ron Go Faster: Adjusting The Modes

Sur Ron has been a surprise smash hit in various fields, including hill climbing, enduro, trails, exploring, commuting, and freestyle pleasure. For some riding types, speed is not that important but for others it is.

The easiest way and the first way to make the Sur Ron go faster is by switching modes. The Sur Ron bike has two modes and to make a Sur Ron go faster a simple switch to Sport Mode works.

The EP Mode: The EP mode also known as the Eco Mode keeps the Sur Ron from reaching speeds over 30mph. The Ep mode is best to make the bike street legal in some areas, and for long-distance riding, and for prolonging battery life and range. The EP mode is great for commuting through town. On the Sur Ron X, the maximum EP Mode speed is 28mph

Sport Mode: The SP also known as the Sport Mode is better on the trails and on the track when the rider requires some extra bottom-end torque or top-end speed. The speeds achieved in Sport may make it non-street legal in most areas. On the Sur Ron X, the maximum Sport Mode speed out of the box is 32mph

There are variables that can increase or decrease these speeds and with some modifications, riders are able to almost double these speeds. This is something we will discuss below.

Sur Ron Speed VS Range

The speeds and ranges that the Sur Ron can cover will be enough for most weekend enthusiasts. The Sur Ron comes with a built-in speed limiter for legal reasons and it might achieve speeds up to 32 MPH on level ground and can also accelerate quickly from 0 to 32 mph in under 6 seconds. If you unlock the speed limiter, a speed of up to 47MPH may be achieved in under 5 seconds is possible. 

The Sur Ron X bike has a range of up to 62 miles or 100 kilometers on a single battery charge if you maintain a speed of 20 mph / 32kph.

Your range and speed will depend on a few things.

Your range will depend on your speed, the terrain you are riding on, and rider size. If you are hard on the throttle all the time or if you have the throttle wide open for the majority of your ride your range could be less than 20 miles / 32km.

Your speed will depend on many things:

  • Inclines and Declines – The more hills you ride up the less speed and the less range you will get. Most speed tests are done on flat ground.
  • Terrain: You will get more speed on pavement and roads versus riding on grass, sand, or loose gravel.
  • Rider Size – A lighter 130-pound guy will be able to go a lot faster than a heavier 230-pound guy.
  • Tires – Enduro and street tires will go a lot faster than knobby dirt and sand tires. Wheel sizes may also increase or decrease your top-end speeds.
  • Controller – The output of power from your controller will determine your speed. An upgraded controller can reach speeds over 70MPH with reports of up to an incredible 85MPH
  • Spocket Size – A higher toothed sprocket will increase bottom-end torque but will decrease top-end speed, and vice versa.
  • Cut the Limiter wire – You can unlock sport mode for maximum speed.

Sur Ron Battery Condition: Speed and range can also be affected by the condition of your battery. The Sur Ron battery is supposed to take 500 cycles before it very gradually becomes less powerful and less efficient. You should be able to get 1000 cycle charges out of a Sur Ron battery over its lifespan. If you are between 500 and 1000 cycles you may find that your speed, power, and range will become less with each charge.

It is highly recommended to take your Sur Ron battery maintenance and storage seriously since we have heard guys lose a lot of range long before their 500th cycle which was due to improper care or storage. To learn how to make your Sur Ron battery last longer and for proper storage see our article Sur Ron Battery Care: Proper Charging And Storage For Prolonged Life.

Speed Limiter

The Sur Ron bikes are supplied with speed and power limits to make it road legal (limited to 28mph on EP mode or 32mph on SP mode) across most states. However, a 5-minute adjustment will remove all limitations, making the Sur Ron speed and power unlimited and legally questionable for use on the streets of most states.

Some riders claim to have had their Sur Rons certified for full-power road use. But, remember that riding on the road after modifying the bike is entirely at your own risk.

Here Are The Steps To Make The Sur Ron Go Faster

You can achieve your Sur Ron’s full potential by doing these simple steps below.

  • Unlock your battery box and open it.
  • Turn off your fuse and unplug your connector wire ( closest to the seat) and your power wire ( the front connector).
  • Cut the shrink tubing with cutters on the connector plug wires, about a 0.5 to 1-inch cut should do it, and then with your hands, tear more of the shrink tube or use cutters if needed, but be careful not to cut or pull out any wires. You are looking for the green looped wire.
  • Pull the green wire out enough to spread the loop and cut the green wire in the center of the loop.
  • Cover both ends of the cut green wire with heat shrink tubing or with electrical tape to prevent a short.
  • You can use a lighter or a heat gun on the heat shrink.
  • Wrap all the wires to the plug with electrical tape.
  • You can now plug the power back into the controller and turn on your breaker.

Your Sur Ron is now ready to go and you should experience its full speed potential beyond 45 mph.

This is the easiest and fastest way to increase the Sur Ron speed from a top speed of 32mph to 47mph.

Make Your Sur Ron Go Faster: Over 70mph

If you still want more speed, you will want to try the following options:

  • Use a sprocket with fewer teeth than the stock 48 tooth sprocket. To see that check out our page Sur Ron Sprocket Upgrade and Change
  • Upgrade to a 72V controller. To see more on how to make your Sur Ron go faster than 60mph using an upgraded controller check out our page Sur Ron Controller Replacement and Upgrades
  • Change your wheels to Enduro or Street wheels. To see more on that check out our page – Sur Ron Street and Enduro Tires
  • Tire Sizes: Larger tires will go faster: See More: Best Sur Ron Tire Upgrades

Make Your Sur Ron Go Faster Q&A

As new information and products become available that can make a Sur Ron go faster, we will continue to update this page.

If you have any questions, comments, tips, and advice on how to make a Sur Ron go faster let me and other readers know in the comment section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe,


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