Sur Ron Battery: Proper Charging And Storage For Longer Life

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The Sur Ron bike comes with a high-powered battery that provides riders with good speed, power, and good range. Like any battery, the Sur Ron battery can be charged over and over but with proper maintenance and proper use, you can ensure a longer lifespan and no issues. This article discusses the Sur Ron battery, maintenance, proper storage practices, proper use of the battery, replacement and upgraded batteries, as well as some things you should and should never do.

The Sur Ron X battery is a 60V removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack made up of 176 Panasonic single lithium-ion cells. With proper use and a smart charging regimen, the Sur Ron battery should get 500 cycles before it starts losing effectiveness. Riders can improve the lifespan of the battery with these simple steps.

There are reasons why the life of a Sur Ron battery can be better or worse for some riders, and since the Sur Ron Battery costs about $1600.00 to replace, it makes sense that you avoid the same mistakes that other riders have made which has ruined their batteries.

Did you know it’s better to keep your Sur Ron battery charged to between 50% and 85% when not in use, we discuss why this is as well as potential fire and safety concerns you should know about?

The Sur Ron Battery: What Is It?

A Sur Ron Battery

Lithium-ion batteries can be found in many items, including things like high-power drones, electric tools, as well as cell phones, and even electric cars, and you will also find them in your Sur Ron battery.

The Sur Ron battery pack is made up of 176 Panasonic Lithium-ion cells that look like AA batteries all connected together. This is a high-end battery.

They are all connected together in layers and that provides the 60 volts or a maximum of 90 amps of power that is needed for the speed, power, and range that Sur Ron riders expect.

The removable Sur Ron battery weighs about 20 pounds and is about 14.5 inches high and 6.4 inches wide.

You want your Sur Ron Battery at optimal health for as long as possible to ensure your get the maximum range, power, and speed that the Sur Ron X bike comes with. For more on the Sur Ron X check out our page on Sur Ron X Review.

Sur Ron Battery Safety

With more and more of these Lithium-ion battery packs around, there have been more incidents of fire with some even causing death. See the latest news report of a death related to an ebike battery HERE

The Sur Ron Battery Breaker
It is important to turn off the breaker (red Switch) before removing and connecting the battery terminal cables. The manufacturer calls this the Air Circuit.
  • Turn off the breaker (air circuit) before you unplug your battery terminals to prevent an arc or spark which could damage the battery
  • Never get the internal battery cells wet. This can cause explosion and fire.
  • Never tamper with, fix, or replace cells yourself.
  • Use only quality battery replacements from reputable brands.
  • Never overcharge or leave your battery plugged in.
  • Replace or have broken connections and plugs replaced by a professional.
  • Do not charge when wet or if plugs or connectors are wet

How Long Will Your Sur Ron Battery Last: Life Span

With proper care, use and storage, your Sur Ron Battery should last 500 cycles before it starts to degrade and you should be able to get around 1000 charges before you need a replacement battery. A full cycle is from zero to full. This means that if you use half the battery (50%) and charge it fully that is only half a cycle, and if you use another 50% of the battery and then charge it fully that is one full cycle.

You should be able to maintain full charges, full power, and full range up to about 500 cycles on your Sur Ron battery. After that, you will see a slow reduction after each charge up to 1000 cycles which is when the battery will likely be reduced so much that it will be time to replace it.

The life span or how long your Sur Ron battery will last will also depend on how often you use your bike, how many charges you do and how often, as well as how you maintain, store, and charge your battery, but on average you should get 4 to 7 years out of a Sur Ron battery.

With that being said I have heard of Sur Ron owners that did not charge or store their batteries properly and their batteries would not hold a charge or had a greatly reduced range long before the 500th cycle. That is why we stress the proper maintenance charging and storage of your Sur Ron battery.

TIP: If you really want to extend the lifespan of your Sur Ron Battery, the experts recommend never discharging it fully and only charging it to 100% about every 10th cycle. The reason is that when the battery cells are at an extreme, which means all the way empty or all the way full, they will degrade faster. We get more into this below.

The Best Way To Charge Your Sur Ron Battery

Taking the proper steps to care for your Sur Ron battery will help you get better longevity over the years so let’s start with the proper charging procedures.

You can charge the Sur Ron battery while it’s in the bike or you can take the battery out of the bike and then charge it. Either way works as long as the battery temperature is in the desired temperature range.

Sur Ron Battery Charger
This is the 2022 stock Sur Ron battery charger. Your charger may look different since it seems as though the past versions were not the same.

The first thing we recommend is to use the charger that comes with the Sur Ron bike which is considered a moderate-fast charger and this way you know that you are using a suitable charger. It is not recommended to use faster chargers.

Battery experts suggest that using a slower charger most of the time might extend your battery’s overall lifespan and that extra fast chargers stress the cells which may degrade them faster. I know you want to charge quickly and go, but we suggest don’t do it!

The stock Sur Ron Battery charger can be plugged into any wall socket. (Just so you are aware, the outlet plug on a North American charger is different than an outlet plug on a European charger and they are not compatible.) Keep this in mind if you are buying a replacement charger from another country.

Charging The Battery Out Of The Sur Ron Bike

When you get your bike you should charge your battery to 100% before you use it. If you take your battery out of the Sur Ron to charge it, follow these steps:

The Sur Ron Battery charger plug and port
Line up the charger plug with the clip on the right to the groove on the battery port.
  • Line up the charger plug to the battery port and then plug the charger into the battery, make sure when you plug it in that it fully clips in, you may hear it clip.
  • Plug the charger plug into the wall outlet
  • The Red light on the charger means that it is charging and the green light means that it is fully charged.
  • Listen for the fan to come on and confirm the red light is on.
  • When that battery is charged, unplug the charger from the wall then unplug from the battery port.
  • Secure the battery port cap.

NOTE: some users report their charger does not show the green light or turn off when fully charged

Consecutive charges of the Sur Ron battery should be charged properly and if done right you can extend battery life.

Charging The Battery In The Sur Ron Bike

When changing the battery while it is still in the Sur Ron, follow these steps to avoid possible issues.

  • Open the battery lid and turn off the breaker.
  • Unplug both connectors.
  • Plug the charger into the battery port and make sure it fully clips in.
  • Plug the charger into the wall.
  • Listen for the fan to come on and confirm whether the red light is on or flashing.
  • When that battery is charged, unplug the charger from the wall, then unplug it from the battery port.
  • Secure the battery port cap.

NOTE: some users report their charger does not show the green light or turn off when fully charged

Charging For Extended Life:

If you plan to use the Sur Ron battery within 24 hours, charge it to 100% full.

If you plan on storing the Sur Ron and not using the Sur Ron battery for 24 hours to over 30 days, only charge it to about 55% to 75% and then unplug it. Then before you ride, charge it to 100%. Your Sur Ron Battery is happiest between 50 and 75%

If you have charged your battery to 55% to 75%, or even to 100%, and the battery level has depleted a little because you didn’t use your battery for a week or two, or more, it’s ok to top it up to 100% before you head out for a ride. After your just top it back up to 75% if you don’t plan on using it for a while.

Some tips for prolonging the battery life of your Sur Ron battery are:

  • Let your Sur Ron battery rest and cool off or get to room temperature after a ride before you charge it. 30 to 60 minutes after a ride should be fine as long as the battery is not hot from your ride.
  • Do not charge a hot or cold battery.
  • Do not charge the Sur Ron battery in extreme cold or extreme heat or in direct sunlight. Charging between 50F to 70F (15.5 – 21 Celsius) is good.
  • NEVER charge at or below freezing, 32F – 0C ( see Max – Min temps below)
  • Do not ride your Sur Ron to 0% and completely drain the Sur Ron battery. If possible, it is better to leave a 5 to 15% battery charge than to deplete it completely.
  • Do not leave your Sur Ron battery on a very low charge (under 40%) or especially close to 0% charge for a long time, doing so can cause damage. Instead, charge the battery as soon as possible and no longer than 24 hours after full discharge. The sooner the better.
  • If your next ride wont be for a week or two or longer, do not charge it to 100%, – See below for short and long-term storage
  • Do not leave your charger plugged in and on after your battery has reached 100% (NOTE – Same chargers will charge for an hour or two after the battery reads 100%) we are looking into this as this may be required to balance out the battery – See below for Balancing A Battery)

Storing Your Sur Ron Battery: Long And Short Term Storage

Lithium-ion batteries will deplete their charge on their own after a period of time and this can damage your Sur Ron battery if it gets too low of a charge, or if you do not top up the charge properly when storing the battery for short and long periods.

When storing your Sur Ron battery for a short amount of time like 7 to 30 days, it is recommended to charge the battery to between 55% to 75% charge. When you are ready to use it, charge it to 100% and then use it within 24 hours.

DO NOT store your battery and forget about it. This can be a costly mistake.

Allowing your Sur Ron battery to drop below its preferred charge range and then leaving it for a long time can ruin your battery. I discuss the ideal storage charge below.

You should use your battery at least every 3 months if possible, or follow a strict charging program.

You should charge or top up your battery at least once every 1 to 3 weeks when in storage for a long time

Set reminders to check your Sur Ron battery at least once a week and top it up between 65% and 85% if it needs it.

The reason for this is that lithium-ion batteries are happiest between 50% and 75% so if you leave your battery for too long it can deplete below that.

The other reason for this is that we have heard reports of guys leaving their Sur Ron Battery for a long time without checking it and it ruined their battery. Their improper battery storage caused their Sur Ron battery to lose its ability to hold a charge for long or at all. This is regardless of how many cycles or how old your battery is.

Your Sur Ron battery comes with a built-in BMS system (Battery Management System) and if you follow these guidelines of charging to a maximum of 85% during long storage periods you should charge to 100% once every 5 to 10 cycles to balance out the cells. Balancing the cells means that all cells are equally full at the same time. Balancing occurs when you charge to 100%.

Because of this balancing, I keep track of how many under 100% charges I do during long storage times so I can do a balance charge about once every 5 to 10 cycles. In some areas, winter is from November to March and you may need to do one or two balance charges during this time. (remember, a cycle and a charge are not the same things so charging only 25% of the battery is only 25% of a full cycle.

Do not store your Sur Ron battery in extreme cold, extreme heat, or direct sunlight, and do not store it somewhere with frequent or extreme temperature changes.

Experts recommend the optimal lithium-ion temperature for storage to be 59° Fahrenheit or 15° Celsius to about 69F or 20C. Storing your Sur Ron battery at room temperature is fine as long as it’s not too warm.

Never leave your Sur Ron battery in direct sunlight in your vehicle since doing so might put your Sur Ron battery at risk of overheating and it could potentially start a fire.

Self Discarge Of A Sur Ron Battery

Like most Lithium-ion batteries, the Sur Ron battery will gradually self-discharge when in storage and not being used.

Most Lithium-Ion batteries like the Sur Ron battery that has a built-in safety circuit (BMS), will self-discharge about 5% in the first 24 hours after being charged (faster in cold temps), and then further discharge about 2 – 5% per month, or even faster in cold or extreme temperatures.

Never Drain A Sur Ron Battery To Zero Percent

Draining your Sur Ron battery or any Lithium-ion batteries to zero will not cause any permanent damage but you should always try to avoid draining your battery to zero if possible.

When lithium-ion batteries go to zero they are usually still not technically at zero percent since they have something called the BMS or the Battery Management System that will kick in before they become fully depleted.

The BMS should also take effect and prevent an actual 100% charge or overcharge.

However, draining your Sur Ron battery to near zero percent and then not charging it right away or leaving it for a long period of time can deplete the battery further to true zero percent dead, and this may ruin your Sur Ron battery.

The Sur Ron bike itself also has a safety mechanism that will also shut the bike down before the battery gets to zero percent which is a very good thing.

If your Sur Ron battery does completely deplete to zero percent for a long time it will not likely take a charge (see kickstarting a dead battery below). A completely dead battery may or may not cause some irreparable damage which could result, in power loss, or it may prevent the battery from being able to take a full charge or even hold a charge for long.

CAUTION: Never modify or repair your battery and the BMS yourself, contact a battery specialist. It is strongly advised not to disable the BMS system.

Sur Ron Battery Won’t Charge: Fixing Charging Problems

It has been reported that some riders that have drained their Sur Ron battery too low will have problems getting the battery to charge again.

What often happens is the battery is so low the charger will not recognize the battery and the charger won’t start charging. Often, pushing the battery indicator button will get no response and only the dark screen, this is when you know your battery is dead.

There are two fixes that we know of that will kick-start a dead battery.

Method One

The first fix is the jump-start method which you may need to try a few times to get it to work:

  • Step 1 – plug the Sur Ron Charger into the battery.
  • Step 2 – Plug the charger into the wall outlet and wait until you see the charger flash red and green. If it doesn’t, unplug and immediately plug in again.
  • Step 3 – Once you see the light flashing green and red unplug from the wall again and quickly plug it back in. You should see it flash red.
  • Step 4 – Let that light keep flashing red for about 20 to 60 seconds until it turns to a solid red light
  • Step 5 – Once it goes from flashing red to solid red unplug it from the wall and immediately plug it back in. This should start the charger and the fan should turn on.
  • Check the Sur Ron Battery and you should now see the gauge at 0 to 5% and it should take a charge from then on
  • You can see this done on YouTube HERE

Method Two

If the jump-start method doesn’t work and your battery and charger seem completely dead, it’s time for the second method.

The second method to get your Sur Ron Battery to start taking a charge is to purchase the Light Speed Adjustable Trickle Charger and a Light Speed Sur Ron Adaptor:

Once you receive the charger and adapter, connect the adapter to the charger and plug it into the wall

Then set the charger to 2amp for a slow trickle charge.

Then plug the adapter into the Sur Ron Battery: This should start charging immediately and you want it to build up enough charge that you can either charge it fully with that charger or so you can use your Sur Ron stock battery charger again. See how it is done HERE

With this second method, you want to order the charger immediately since leaving your batter on a very low charge for too long can cause permanent damage to your Sur Ron battery and a replacement Sur Ron Battery is about $1600.00.

NOTE: These methods may or may not work for you so if possible it is best to never drain your battery to zero when riding.

Riding In Extreme Temperatures

Your Sur Ron Battery may not have as long of a range if you ride in extreme heat, or if it gets too hot.

It is also well known that riding your Sur Ron bike in the extreme cold will also cause a loss of range and battery life if the battery gets too cold. However, riding at or below the freezing mark should not permanently damage your Sur Ron battery.

Replacement Sur Ron Battery

With proper care and charging, your Sur Ron battery should last many years, but when it is time to change to a new and authentic Sur Ron Battery, it will cost you around $1600.00 in the USA and $1900.00 in Canada. (Summer 2022 prices)

You can purchase your new Sur Ron Battery in the USA from Luna Cycle

You can purchase an official Sur Ron Battery In Canada from Epic Cycle or Ebikezilla

Sur Ron Battery Upgrade

There are some riders that are choosing to upgrade their Sur Ron Battery for a larger battery that can provide more power, speed, or range. The range on the stock battery is said to be about 60 miles or 100kms, but with upgrades, we are hearing about ranges up to 130 miles.

If you want to get an upgrade Sur Ron Battery we highly recommend sticking with a reputable brand and a battery that is proven good and compatible with the Sur Ron because not all aftermarket batteries are worth the money and some won’t fit well or might not last long. If you are looking for the best Sur Ron battery upgrades, check these ones out.

Sur Ron Battery Q & A

We have received some interesting questions which we are looking into answering soon. If you have a question, comment, or some advice regarding the Sur Ron battery let us and readers know in the comments section below.

Question: When charging to a full battery and then starting your ride going downhill with the regen on, can that overcharge the battery beyond 100% full, and can it damage your battery?

Answer: From what we are told is that the motor will cut out once the battery hits 100%. The BMS should also prevent the battery from overcharging and that may cut power to the motor if you are using it when the battery hits 100% or at the cut-off point. However, we are still waiting for confirmation on both of these, so it’s recommended to take preventative measures to prevent possible overcharging. A few things to try:

  • If you live on a hill or mountain and if you start your downhill descent in eco mode, regen does not function in Eco Mode, so it will not overcharge your battery.
  • You can also stop charging your battery somewhere below 100% on the charger, like maybe 90% if you are concerned about regen turning on and causing an overcharge on your descent.
  • Lastly, just ride with regen turned off.

Question: Can you leave your Sur Ron Battery plugged in for long periods even after it’s fully charged or does the charger shut off?

Answer: The Sur Ron charger has a built-in cut off but it is wise to unplug the battery as soon as it gets to 100%.

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