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In this article we will discuss Sur Ron maintenance and the preventative maintenance for Sur Ron X as well as the daily safety checks or before you ride checks to ensure a longer life for your Sur Ron X and to ensure you are safer and not stranded on the trails or on the road due to an issue like a broken chain or drive belt. We found out what the experts are doing for their maintenance for Sur Ron X.

Sur Ron maintenance and preventative maintenance for Sur Ron X consists of checking the wheels, the chain and belt, battery, brakes, as well as checking for loose wires and loose bolts and screws.

Sur Ron Maintenace is about safety and should be done periodically, which can mean every six months or it could mean every 300 to 500 miles. Both periodic and daily safety checks will ensure important parts like the brakes work properly.

Let’s find out how to keep your Sur Ron running well and what to check before you ride to keep you safe.

Sur Ron Wheels

There are six main things that experts recommend as part of your maintenance for Sur Ron wheels.

Checking your wheels and tires is important for speed, range, and your safety. Some of these Sur Ron maintenance wheel tips should be done as your pre-ride safety check and others can be done periodically.

Sur Ron Tire Pressure

Sur Ron Maintenance Tire Pressure
Proper tire pressure is important for performance, safety, and prevention of flat tires.

Proper tire pressure is important for the performance of the bike on the trails or on the road as well as for safety, and for the prevention of flat tires.

Tire pressure should be checked before every ride. A tire pressure that is too low can eventually lead to a flat tire or premature tire wear, and improper tire pressure can also be a safety risk.

Riders that ride trails tend to like a softer tire with a pressure around 15psi to 20psi. Lower tire pressure can provide more grip and stability on rocks, mud, and softer terrain.

However, not all tires will run well with a tire pressure that is so low and a tire that is too low may cause pinch flats or even damage to your rims.

For riding on both trails and roads equally, run with a medium tire pressure.

On the roads, you will want to maintain the maximum tire pressure recommended for your tire when it is cold. For stock Sur Ron tires that pressure is around 32psi.

Sur Ron Tire Wear

Check your tread and check for any damage to your tire that might cause a possible flat tire while riding. It takes a minute or so to do a quick look over and it should be done before each ride. If you see deep cuts or cracks in the tire it should be replaced.

A tire tread is meant for traction and a low tire tread can be a safety risk so once your tread gets too low you should replace the tire.

Wheel Alignment

Your wheel can be installed with the alignment off, or the alignment can be affected by hard riding and jumps, so it’s wise to keep an eye on wheel alignment and check it periodically or before and after you ride.

It’s also important to check the wheel alignment after a hard crash as this can twist the front suspension.

If you notice uneven tread wear, chain rubbing on the tire or frame, shock stiction, or other issues with your front fork, or just a weird feeling while riding, it is possible that your wheel alignment is off.

Keeping an eye open for any of these things is a good idea and if you notice any signs that a wheel alignment is off it might be time to check for and fix any tire alignment issues. We discuss front suspension alignment and adjustments on our page Sur Ron Front Suspension.

Wheel Spokes

Sur Ron Wheel Spoke Spanner Wrench
A wheel-spoke spanner wrench like this one is a good tool to have to ensure your Sur Ron wheels stay in good shape.

Something not many guys consider but should be part of your Sur Ron Maintanamce check before you ride is to check your spokes for tension and for broken spokes.

I learned quickly that some of the wheel spokes may not be tight enough from the dealer and after only 3 rides my rear wheel was not straight and had both an up and down and a side-to-side wobble.

I also found that a 5mm wrench head only fit some of the spokes on the wheel so I had to use a 5.2mm to fit the rest. I’m not sure why the difference in spoke sizes, maybe some had dirt build up.

I also learned that my mountain bike spoke wrench was too small so I quickly purchased a spoke wrench set and then made the necessary adjustments to straighten my wheel.

Loose spokes and broken spokes are something that can happen with hard riding and jumps, or a crash, or even when a stick or rock get caught in the spokes.

A loose or broken wheel spoke can put your wheel out of true and put you at risk. Out of true means the wheel may not be a true and a perfect oval.

A loose spoke can cause a weak spot in the rim, or it can cause long-term wheel issues, or even a collapsed rim if you land on that weak spot. A folded or collapsed rim can’t be fixed, and a rim that collapses on a jump can also cause serious injury.

It is easy to detect a loose spoke and to check spoke tension, and it’s easy to fix it or replace it with the right tools.

Sound Method Check:

Tap each spoke with your spoke wrench or a piece of metal. A high pitch sound generally means it’s a tight spoke, whereas a dull or quieter sound indicates a loose spoke. See how this is done on this Spoke Tightening Video

If you have a wheel that is not straight you will need to adjust it and get it as close to straight as possible or it could continue to get worse. For trail riders, it’s not critical to have a perfectly true wheel but for street riding it is.

I was able to straighten my wheel while it was on the bike without removing the rubber or the chain. I used this method and used the throttle to spin the wheel to help me find the imperfections.

Rim Damage

It makes sense to check the condition of your rims on both sides either before each ride or periodically.

You can do this by rotating your wheels (on a stand) and looking at the rim for any bulges, dents, gouges, or uneven sections that make the rim look like the rim is twisted or bent.

A dent in the rim can cause tire pressure loss or a flat tire which is not a good thing when you’re 10 miles into the bush or far away from home.

Tire Valve Check

Make sure your tire valve is in good condition and that your cap is tight

Your tires are one of your major safety components so it’s important to maintain them properly. There is a lot more to Sur Ron wheels and tires and we fo into more details on the maintenance, replacement, and upgrades on our page Sur Ron Wheels and Tires: Maintenance, Replacement, and Upgrades

Sur Ron Brakes

Dirty Sur Ron Brakes
Dirty Sur Ron Brake pads or worn pads can cause serious injury.

Brakes are the most important safety component of your Sur Ron bike especially since the stock Sur Ron bike can reach speeds up to 47 miles per hour. Brakes can get dirty, or worn out, or misaligned.

My brakes have squeaked after getting wet, and the rear became misaligned after a crash in a rocky creek.

Proper maintenance for Sur Ron should put priority on the brakes both periodically and as a Sur Ron maintenance check done before each ride.

Two things I check on the brakes are:

Brake pads should be checked every 5 to 10 rides. You will be looking for excess wear on the pads or any damage. Damaged or worn pads should be replaced immediately.

The other thing to check is the brake levers and this should be done before each ride.

They should be firm but not hard to pull and they should not be spongy or too soft. If they spongy or too stiff you may need to bleed and replace the brake line fluid before you ride, otherwise you may have brake failure.

I will test both breaks in the first 100 feet of my ride and before I hit high speeds or difficult terrain.

For more on Sur Ron Brakes, maintenance, fixing your brakes, replacement, and upgrades for Sur Ron brakes see our page Sur Ron Brakes: Everything you need to know.


The sprocket should be part of your maintenance for Sur Ron and should be done periodically and before each ride.

Before I ride a quick glance at the sprocket and then rotating the wheel a full turn will give me a good indication of my sprocket health.

Rotate your rear tire and check your sprocket for grooves, teeth that look like waves caused by wear, or even broken and missing teeth. If you see any of this you should replace your sprocket immediately.

For sprocket information, replacements, sizing, and more check out our page Sur Ron Sprockets: Everything You Need To Know

Sur Ron Chain Maintenance: Tension, Lube, and Wear

Lubing a Sur Ron Chain
Chain tension and chain lube will help your Sur Ron run well and prevent problems.

The Sur Ron Chain should be checked before every ride and this check is part of a good Sur Ron maintenance program.

You want to check to make sure the chain tension is good and that it is not too loose or too tight. You are also checking for debris, and damage, and also that the chain is lubed properly.

A loose chain can cause premature wear, jumping or bouncing which can result in less efficient power from the motor, or the chain falling off which is dangerous, especially at high speeds, or even the chain rubbing or damaging the tire or the swing arm.

There is not much clearance from the chain to the tire or the chain to the swing arm on a Sur Ron so the chain should not be too loose otherwise you might have worn the swingarm or a chain breakage.

A chain that is too tight might even cause breakage or issues with the motor, belt, or sprocket.

Check the Sur Ron Chain tension from the bottom of the chain below the swing arm and push it up to gauge tension. You should have 10mm to 15 mm of slack in the chain, any more than that and the chain is too loose. You can use a regular caliper or I also use the Motion Pro Chain Tension Tool Slack Setter Pro.

Also, check to see that the chain’s master link is not damaged and the clip is intact.

It’s also important to wipe off all dirt from the chain using a rag and then add a compatible O-ring dirt bike chain lubricant. I use PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube. Some riders will add chain lube after every ride, others will do it after every few rides.

You must use the proper degreaser and chain lubricant for O ring chains otherwise you can damage the chain or have oil spray on other parts.

For more information on chain tension adjustment, maintenance, lube, replacement, and chain upgrades, check out our page Sur Ron Chain: Everything you Need To Know.

Sur Ron Primary Belt

Maintenance For Sur Ron

The Sur Ron comes with a small primary belt that connects your motor to the chain and this belt should be checked as part of Sur Ron maintenance, both pre-ride check and periodical maintenance, and then it should be cleaned, adjusted, or replaced as needed.

Riders have reported squeaking sounds from the belt and it is not uncommon for the belt to get dirty and have lots of dust on it. A wipe with a rag can fix this problem.

It is very difficult to check tension on the belt but doing a quick look over of the entire belt from the side is recommended before each ride. Look for cracks, tears, loose strands, or any other signs of damage. Also, look for dirt or debris and try to wipe away any dust.

The belt life is uncertain as I have heard belts break within 3 days and others last over 1000 miles. Either way, it is recommended to do a full check of the belt and to check the tension of the belt about every 300 to 400 miles and then replace it if necessary.

For more on belt maintenance, tension, replacement, and upgrade options, check out our page Sur Ron Belt: Everything You Need Know.

Skid Plate / Bash Guard

Sur Ron Bash Guard
My Sur Ron bash guard was damaged after going over some logs.

As part of your maintenance for Sur Ron bikes, the motor guard, which is also known to some as a skid plate, or bash guard, or bash plate should be checked for major damage.

This is one part of the Sur Ron that when riding hard on the trails can take a beating and it is meant to protect your motor and wiring from any damage. Light nicks and scratches are OK but serious dents should be looked into before damage to your motor happens.

Riders will tell you that the motor guard that comes on the Sur Ron is not very good for serious trail riding and they recommend a stronger upgrade bash guard.

My bash guard was damaged after only a few trips out on the trails. Like others, I think the stock bash plate is weak and should be upgraded if you run hard on the trails, and go over logs, and big boulders.

For more information check out our page Sur Ron Bash Guard: Replacement and Upgrades

Battery and Connections

Part of proper Sur Ron maintenance is to check your battery and connections.

Before you leave for a ride check the battery charge and be sure all the connectors are connected and in good condition.

If your battery level has dropped you can charge it to full before you ride however there are some reasons why you should not charge your battery to full.

Also, ensure that your plug covers are closed and are secure. These can be problematic for some users and they will open while riding which can allow dirt or moisture in. So be sure they are tight and that they stay on while riding.

For info on battery maintenance, which includes proper charging and how to prolong the lifespan of your battery, as well as some important things you should and should never do that could damage your battery, check out our page Sur Ron Battery: Proper Care, Replacement, And Upgrades.

Lights And Accessories

If you are planning to be out late or in low light conditions it makes sense to check that your rear and headlights are working properly.

If you have any other devices on the bike like an alarm or GPS tracking system check that they also have sufficient battery power.

We discuss all the cool options that you can do on your Sur Ron on our page Sur Ron Accessories.

Service and Parts

If you need your bike maintained by a professional or you need parts, check out these preferred dealers.

Maintenance For Sur Ron X Q&A

That covers all the maintenance and safety checks that you should do to keep your bike running perfectly and to keep you safe.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or tips on maintenance for Sur Ron X or on ride safety, let me and readers know in the comments section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

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