2022 Talaria Sting Review

The Talaria Sting review

This Talaria Sting review is the consolidated feedback from actual Talaria Sting users and Talaria Sting bike experts. We did our review this way to ensure that you get the most thorough, honest, unbiased, and accurate Talaria Sting review possible.

Our Talaria Sting review covers the key features of the latest Talaria Sting model, as well as reviews on how it rides and how it handles on all types of terrain, and about maintenance and recommended upgrades. This Talaria Sting review covers all the pros and cons of owning a Talaria Sting.

For this Talaria Sting, we have also taken tips and advice from Talaria Sting mechanics, and Talaria Sting dealers, and sourced information directly from the manufacturer for a more thorough review of the Talaria Sting.

Talaria Sting Review

For this Talaria Sting review, let’s start with what a Talaria Sting is and clear up some name issues? The Talaria Sting is also known as just the Talaria or also referred to on the official Talaria website and the Talaria sting MX. Whatever you want to call it, they are all the same Talaria Sting.

So What Is A Talaria Sting? TheTalaria Sting is a hybrid electric with a dirt bike mixed with an electric mountain bike. The Talaria Sting is about the size of a typical mountain bike, it uses mountain bike tires, mountain bike front and rear suspension, and has mountain bike handlebars.

The Talaria Sting can even be fitted with a peddle kit which is sometimes done just to make it street legal in some areas or to allow riders a safety net in case they run out of battery power, in which case they case just peddle the bike home.

Even with all these mountain bike parts, the Talaria Sting looks and feels more like a dirt bike. The Talaria Sting comes equipped with a dirt bike seat, a dirt bike frame, dirt bike brakes, and dirt bike fenders, and let’s not forget that it is equipped with dirt bike power and dirt bike speed.

Most riders would consider the Talaria Sting a small dirt bike similar to the size of a 150cc dirt bike. However, with some upgrades, it is possible to make the Talaria Sting bigger, more powerful, and faster so it looks and feels more like a 250cc dirt bike.

At about 138 lbs, the Talarai Sting is lighter than a typical gas dirt bike of similar size but it’s about twice as heavy as most electric mountain bikes.

In some areas, the Talaria Sting might even be street legal, especially if equipped with the aftermarket peddle kit and with the power limiter left intact. Although it could be considered legal in some areas, in other areas it would be classified similar to a motorbike and therefore not street legal.

Price Of The Talaria Sting

Another one of the advantages and a good selling point to the Talaria sting is the price.

Coming in at about $4300.00 in the USA or around $5300.00 in Canada, the Talaria Sting is competitively priced, and in some places, it’s up to $500 dollars cheaper than its closest competitors.

Speed Of The Talaria Sting

The Talaria Sting reviews from riders on the speed of the Talaria Sting is that overall most riders feel that the pickup and the top-end speed of the bike is very good. This is especially true with the governor disabled which I will discuss below.

There are some Talaria Sting reviews from other websites where they list different top-end speeds and I think this is because some of these reviews are either old or because the Talaria Sting Official website does not actually list the speed and because riders of the bike are getting different speeds when testing their bikes.

However, I have seen actual riders and expert speed tests done on the Talaria Sting so we will provide an average maximum speed so you know what you can expect under different conditions.

The 2022 Talaria Sting is an electric dirt bike with the ability to reach a top speed of 47 miles per hour or 75kph with no upgrades, and it comes equipped with two modes for different types of riding and for power saving purposes and for an increased range.

Speed Variances: I’m sure any speed and range tests that were done by the manufacturer to get the top speeds and the maximum ranges were all done under ideal conditions. but riders will rarely ride under perfect conditions and there are some reasons why the maximum speeds will be different from one rider to the next: So, what affects the speed of the Talaria Sting:

  • Rider Weight: The weight of the rider will affect the top-end speed and pick-up. A rider of 250 pounds is going to go slower than a rider of 150 pounds.
  • Terrain: Riding on hard-packed flat roads will provide more speed than loose dirt or sand.
  • Wheels: Riders that change their tires to street tires with less aggressive tread meant for the paved streets will get more speed than the stock wheels.
  • Battery Condition: A new battery within 500 cycles is likely to get more speed than an older batter. I discuss more on how to maintain, store, and increase battery life below.

Governor / Limiter: The Talaria Sting bike also comes equipped with a limiter /governor which is apparently for legal reasons. This limiter is active straight out of the box and limits the top speed to about 32mph/49kph in sport mode and 24 to 28mph in EP Mode. You can easily deactivate this limiter for full power but you will sacrifice some range, however, range will depend on a few factors which I will discuss below.

Upgrades and Mods For More Speed: With upgrades and modifications, some riders claim they are getting their Talaria Sting bike to over 60 miles per hour and since we have seen its closest competitor ebike get speeds over 80 miles per hour it’s just a matter of time before someone is getting speeds over 85mph on the Talaria Sting.

We discuss how riders are achieving such fast speeds as well as how to disable the limiter/governor so you can get the maximum speed out of your bike in our article, How To Make A Talaria Go Faster: 5 Best Options.

Talaria Modes: Two Modes For Speed, Power, And Range

The Talaria comes with two modes which you can change on the digital display and you can do it while riding. These modes are designed to give the rider more control over their power, top speed, or maximum range.

Eco Mode: EP or Eco Mode limits battery usage or power output and this provides prolonged range but it drops the maximum speed to about 15mph / 24kph. The Eco Mode speed restriction also makes the Talaria Sting bike legal to ride in some areas where electric bikes are permitted if they are under a certain speed and power output.

Sport Mode: Sport Mode which is also known as SP Mode is for riders that prefer speed over range. Sport Mode allows more power from the battery which will increase low-end torque and will increase top speeds up to 47mph with the limiter disabled. Unless you are commuting and require the extra range, most riders will be riding in Sport Mode.

Another contributing speed factor to the speed and power your bike has is battery health which we discuss in our article Talaria: What You Need To Know

The overall rider consensus is that the speed of the Sur Ron Light Bee X is good on the trails, good when off-road riding, and good on the streets once the governor is deactivated.

The top speed of 47mph is suitable for most average riders and since the Sur Ron X can reach speeds of over 80mph with upgrades and mods, the overall speed score is 8 out of 10.

Talaria Sting Range And Ride Time

The Talaria Sting review from riders on the range and the ride time of their Talaria bikes indicate that most riders are happy with the range and that it is on par with similar e-bikes. Most riders say that the range is decent for an electric bike but that it could be better. Since the range is important on any electric vehicle and is sometimes the deciding factor for buyers it is good to know what to expect.

The range of the Talaria sting bike is advertised to be 62 miles (100km) which is according to the official Talaria website. However, the actual range that Talaria riders are getting on the roads and on the trails is not as high as advertised. There is a good reason for this.

In actual rider range tests indicate that you should expect to get between 40 to 50 miles of range when riding at an average speed of around 20mph when riding off-road. This gives you an average ride time of about 190 minutes however, with so many factors affecting range, these range results will vary as we have heard riders get 1 hour to 3 hours of ride time.

I discuss maximizing your range and what affects the rage of the Talaria sting under different conditions on our page What Is The Range Of The Talaria Sting: Real Riding Range.

Talaria Sting Battery

A large part of why the Talaria sting gets the range and speed that it does is due to the large removable battery. The battery on the Talaria sting is a larger 6000-watt peak 60 volt 38.4 amp hour battery which is bigger than its two closest competitors. It is also heavier at 28 pounds / 12.85kg.

You have the option to lift the cover and remove the battery for charging and storage, or you can charge the battery while the battery is still in the bike.

Proper care and maintenance of the Talaria Sting battery is very important since a replacement battery is around $1500.00 and since we have heard of riders losing a lot of range, power, and speed prematurely due to human error regarding storage and changing mistakes.

The Talaria battery is supposed to take 500 cycles before it very gradually becomes less powerful and less efficient. You should be able to get 1000 cycle charges out of a Talaria battery. If you are between 500 and 1000 cycles you may find that your power and range will become less with each charge.

To learn how to make your Talaria battery last longer and for proper storage see our article Talaria Battery Care: Proper Charging And Storage For Prolonged Life.

NOTE: We have heard riders complain that their Talaria Sting bike turns off suddenly at around 5% battery so be prepared for that to happen or you may find yourself stranded. If your bike stops and you get an Error code 38, your battery is dead.

The charging time is about 3.5 hours.

Battery Specs:

  • Battery Pack: 60V 38.4AH
  • Battery Size: 170mm x 140mm x 380mm
  • Battery Weight: 28 pounds / 12.85kg
  • Battery Cells: LG Brand 21700 Cell (5000 MAH/Cell)

Regen On The Talaria Sting

The Talaria Sting is equipped with a regeneration function that allows you to charge the battery when you release the throttle. There are 4 levels of adjustment that you can do on the fly.

Each level allows for more or less battery charge. Riders might notice a slight hesitation in coasting in level 1 regen but when in level 4 regen the bike will almost come to a stop.

Riders in the trails will often opt for the level 2 or 3 regen mode which means a lot less breaking in the corners and downhill. If you are coming from riding a gas-powered bike this might take a bit of getting used to but once you adjust to this slow down riders seem to like it.

How much more battery range this will give you really depends on how and where you ride and how often you are on and off the throttle.

Regen Adjustment: 4 Levels Adjustable in the Speedometer

Talaria Sting Review On Range and ride time is a 7 out of 10

Range And Ride Time Conclusion

There is a lot going on with the range of the Talaria Sting which is a direct result of the larger battery and the 4 levels of regen that are meant to extend your range while riding on any terrain.

The overall rider consensus is that the range of the Talaria sting is that is it compatible or better than its closest competition and that you will get decent range on the trails, and better range when riding on the streets.

If you are happy with a potential ride time of 90 minutes on the trails and a range of 30 to 40 miles then the Talaria Sting is a good choice for you.


The Talaria Sting electric motor provides the power and speed you would want from an electric dirt bike. The Talaria sting motor is a high-efficiency brushless permanent magnet synchronous mid-drive motor with an available output of 34N.m peak torque, as well as 284N.m peak torque to the rear wheel.

The motor is sealed and is protected by a bash plate or motor cover.

Talaria Controller

The Talaria comes with an advanced sealed controller which some riders will call the heart of the bike. The controller is the part of the electrical system which makes all the components work together. Those components on the Talaria Sting include the throttle, battery, motor, display, lights, the regen, modes, and sensors.

The primary function of the talaria controller is to control the power output of the battery which controls your speed and range. A high-end controller like this will provide the rider with a powerful but safe riding experience with a good range. For these reasons, riders are upgrading their controllers for more power, speed, and range, however, for the average rider, there is no need for this as the stock controller is very good.

Should you ever want to upgrade or need to replace your controller, check out our article Talaria Controller: Maintenace, Replacements, Mods, And Upgrades.

Primary And Secondary Drive System

Unlike its competitors that come with a direct motor belt drive, the Talaria sting comes with a lightweight alloy gearbox with high accuracy gears. The advantage to this gearbox is that the Talaria Sting is quieter than its competition, and the gearbox is more reliable with no more worries that you are going to break a belt and be stranded somewhere.

The disadvantage is that, unlike other electric bikes, you will need to do a gearbox oil change about every 1000 miles. (check the manual for exact oil change times). The good thing is that the oil changes are very easy to do yourself and we discuss how on our page Talaria Gearbox Oil Change.

From the gearbox, you have a full-size chain that is connected to the rear 48 tooth sprocket. The 48 tooth sprocket is great for low-end torque and for good top-end high speed.

Adjusting the sprocket to a lower tooth sprocket is one way to increase speed, however, most riders tend to increase to a 54 or 58 tooth sprocket for more hole shot.


The Talaria Sting uses a gear twist structure design throttle. , the core parts of the throttle can be well protected, even if the throttle tube suffers some impact damage it is built with the core parts well protected so that the throttle will continue to work. Riders claim the throttle is responsive and throttle response can now be adjusted on the LCD display allowing for easy acceleration.

Weight Of The Talaria String: A Positive Advantage

We just discussed the range and speed and one thing that makes the Talaria Sting’s range and speed so good is the weight of the bike itself.

The Talaria Sting is still one of the lightest electric dirt bikes on the market with an out-of-the-box weight of only 138 pounds, 63 kilograms. Due to the increased battery size, the Talaria Sting is about 28 pounds heavier than its closest competitors, however, many riders like the stability this extra weight provides when riding on the trials.

The Talaria Sting is a good bike for most riders and thanks to the size and weight of the bike most riders make the claim that the bike is very agile on the trails and is still easy to manage for smaller riders.

The power to weight ratio of the Talaria sting is amazing which allows riders to easily maneuver the bike and ride very well on tight trails that might be difficult to do on larger gas dirt bikes that weigh twice as much.

Talaria Sting Review For Handling And Rider Experience

The Talaria Sting review from riders on the overall handling and rider experience is very good and riders really enjoy riding this bike on all types of trails. Some riders claim that the handling and rider experience is improved with the extra weight when comparing this bike to its competitors. The combined lightness, power, wheels, and suspension of the Talarai are why riders love their Talaria Sting.

The acceleration and hole shot, combined with the speed of the bike on the straight sections are excellent when riding on and off the roads, and riders are impressed with how well the Talaria handles on hills, on rocky terrain, and in the dirt and sand. There isn’t much this bike can’t handle.

Riders are also racing the Talaria Sting on the trails and on the tracks with some impressive results and the Talaria Sting is often able to go head to head with gas-powered dirt bikes on the tighter trails and in the corners, and with upgrades to the battery and controller, the Talaria Sting can reach speeds as fast as most dirt bikes.

The overall ride experience is good which is also due to the brakes and full suspension which I will discuss below.

Talaria Sting Full Suspension

The Talaria Sting review from riders on the front and rear suspension are that most average riders feel that the suspension is good on the back and decent on the front, however depending on your riding style and if you plan to do very aggressive riding with big jumps then you will want to quickly upgrade the front suspension.

The Talaria Sting comes with either front RST or DNM Volcano forks and some dealers offer Manitou Durado shocks for an additional price.

The RST and DMN shocks are considered mid to low-end shocks mountain bike forks that are suitable for the average rider but these shocks are often the one thing that most hard riders will upgrade as soon as possible. To see more on shocks, visit our page Talaria Sting Shocks: Maintenance, Mods, And Upgrades

The Talaria Sting comes with either the Fastace or DNM rear spring shocks. These rear shocks are good for riders under 200 pounds and most riders say they don’t have any issues with the rear shock when riding trails or on the road, however, larger riders, or riders that are very aggressive and that do large jumps will want to upgrade to a 500 or 600-pound rear shock for more support and comfort.

Both front and rear shocks are adjustable for softer or firmer suspension.

With the full front and rear suspension that is meant for riding on the trails and with the stock 19-inch dirt bike tires, the average rider will still enjoy the mountain bike suspension that comes stock on the latest Talaria Sting.


The Talaria Sting review from customers on the brakes is that most riders feel that the brakes are good and suitable for most trail and road riding conditions. Your average rider will be impressed with how fast the Talaria sting will slow down on its front and rear 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes.

The Talaria sting is also equipped with a safety brake sensor which shuts the power to the motor when you brake so you cant brake and accelerate at the same time. Some riders prefer to disable this feature.

However, serious riders that speed through trails, or downhill, or race the Talaria Sting on the track recommend upgrading the brake pads as soon as possible because they say at high speeds the breaks are not great which can be dangerous.

The Talaria also has regenerative braking which will slow you down using the motor while putting power back into the battery and some riders will use this in combination with the brakes for more breaking and control when needed. The higher the regen mode you are in the faster it will slow down.

For full detail on brakes go to, Talaria Sting Brakes: Specs, Maintenance, Replacement, And Upgrades


The Talaria Sting review from riders on the wheels is that overall most riders feel that the stock tires on the 1250mm wheelbase are very good. Most average riders are happy with the 19-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels. F:70/100-19 R:80/100-19.

The tire is an aggressive knob mountain bike tire that provides good performance and handling on the trails and decent performance in mud and sand.

The downside to these tires is they are relatively thin for a motorized vehicle with this much power so the grip when climbing hills or riding in deep mud is not great. Wider tires with a more aggressive tread are a better option for this type of terrain.

Some Talaria riders will eventually upgrade the front tire to a 21″ wheel which allows the bike to roll over logs and rocks easier and is said to have better performance. The Talaria Sting has a wider swing arm which is a bonus for riders that want to upgrade the rear tire to a more aggressive tread and a wider tire which is better for more traction on hills, mud, and the sand. To learn more: check out Talaris Sting Tires: Maintenance, Replacement, And Upgrades

Electronics: Display Speedometer

The Talaria Sting review on the dash display which includes a speedometer is that overall most riders feel that it is good and better than most competitors.

The low power consumption OLED display with a speedometer also provides an odometer, battery data, riding mode, error codes, and regen level.

While the competition allows you to set regen and EP and SP on the display, on the Sur Ron you can change the modes using a toggle switch beside the display.

The dash is also adjustable to allow different settings for different wheel sizes, sprocket sizes, and motor regen levels, and riders can change between miles or kilometers for more accurate speed and range.

Important Dimensions And Specs Of The Talaria Sting

This bike will fit in the back of bigger SUVs with the seats down, and it should easily fit in the back of most pickup trucks. It will also fit on a standard motorcycle hitch rack.

  • Length: The length from tire to tire is 72 inches / 185cm
  • Seat Height: The seat height at its the lowest point is 34.25 inches / 87cm
  • Ground Clearance: The bike chassis sits off the ground at 11.2inches / 28 cm
  • Weight: 138 pounds / 63kg
  • Headlight: LED
  • Frame: Aluminum Allow
  • Display: LED
  • Transmission: Gearbox to Chain
  • Controller: FOC, 2kg, 9.7″ x 5″ x 2″ /248mm x 128mm x 50mm

Assembly Of The Talaria Sting

Dealers are limited so most riders are buying their bikes online but there are more bike shops across North America that are starting to sell Talaria’s and I’m sure you will see a surge in dealers over the next few years.

Buying a Talaria from a reputable dealer online or at the store is easy. The bike is shipped in a box or when purchased and picked up at the dealer most of the time the Talaria Sting is also in a box, which means there is some assembly required. The good thing is the assembly of the Talaria Sting is fairly easy.

For the average guy (a non-mechanic guy) it will take about 30 to 60 minutes to assemble the Talaria bike and most people find the setup to be very straightforward.

However, some bike shops will pre-build the bike for you but you might need to pay a little extra.

Watch the video to see how to build the Sur Ron.

Box Dimensions: If you plan to pick your Sur Ron up from a local shop these are the box dimensions.

  • Sur Ron Box Dimensions – 65″ long x 33″ High x 12″ wide ( 165cm x 83.82cm x 30.53cm ) (1650 mm x 850 mm x 310 mm)
  • The full box weight is 154lbs (70kg)

Once built, the Sur-Ron X also fits nicely on the back of a vehicle using something like the Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier.

Talaria Sting Maintenance

Aside from a gear oil change, the Talaria Sting requires very little maintenance overall, and with fewer parts, it has less chance of it breaking down compared to gas-powered dirt bikes. Less maintenance and fewer repairs make this bike even more economical.

To keep your bike in perfect riding condition and to ensure safety, there are some things that we know riders are doing to prevent any issues and you should too. Find out what issues and problems riders are having and the preventative measures and the fixes on our page Talaria Sting Maintenace

Talaria Is Quite: Ride More Places

A major advantage of an electric dirt bike is that it is very quiet and the Talaria is one of the quietest we’ve seen.

Aside from a little bit of noise from the primary chain, the electric motor, and maybe from the gearbox, the Talaria Sting is a very quiet bike and it’s not much noisier than a typical mountain bike. The gearbox on this Talaria sting makes it quieter than the competition.

This type of stealth gives riders the advantage of riding the Talaria Sting in places where a loud gas-powered dirt bike can’t go with someone hearing and calling the police. I have, and I have seen other riders riding on hiking paths, bike trails, sidewalks, on the street, near or through subdivisions, and even past the cops with no issues. You can really keep a low profile on the Talaria Sting when you need to.

I ride my Talaria Sting for 5 minutes through residential streets and on some park walking paths before I get to my favorite trails and nobody seems to care. This is a major advantage over a gas dirt bike and one of the reasons I chose a Talaria Sting over a gas dirt bike.

Most people that would normally be angry with a loud dirt bike on the trails are friendly and very curious when they see someone on a Talaria Sting, as long as you’re not speeding past them and tearing up the trails.

Respect for the trails and ALL the people using them is always the better way to go and will keep you riding those trails for a long time.

Rider Size:

The question of rider size is asked a lot and I have not seen it answered well in any Talaria reviews yet. So we found out what actual riders of all sizes are saying about their experience riding the Sur Ron X.

Rider Weight

The maximum load or rider weight for the Talaria Sting is 220 pounds or 100kgs as suggested by the Talaria manufacturer. However, we have heard from riders over 280 pounds that say they have no problems riding their Talaria Sting bikes at their weight.

We are not telling you to exceed the maximum capacity, we are simply saying that it is being done by riders. Exceeding the maximum capacity may void your warranty and put you at risk of injury or death so do so at your own risk.

If you ride hard on the trails and are over the 220-pound limit you may require a front and rear suspension upgrade which will likely increase the maximum load rating.

Rider Height

One of the downsides to the completion is that many riders claim it is too small for riders over 6 feet. However, the Talaria Sting is a slightly bigger bike and it feels bigger and more comfortable for taller riders. It fits most riders from 5’5 feet o to 6’2 perfectly but riders of 6’3 feet or more might find it too small.

With that being said I am 6’2 and I feel that the Talaria Sting fits my size well. I do know of riders of 6’3 that also ride the Talaria without any problems, however, most riders over 6’2 feet will eventually make some modifications to the Talaria to increase the height of the bike.

With a seat riser modification and a riser handlebar, taller riders will find it much more comfortable.

To learn more about how to make your Talaria bigger check out our page Talaria Sting Mods And Upgrades For Tall Riders

Talaria Upgrades

The Talaria Sting is a relatively new bike so upgrade parts are not that easy to come by yet, however, now there are many more upgrade parts, modifications, and advice for just about every part of the Talaria bike becoming available so you can make it a perfect fit for you and the type of riding that you do.

This site is a great place for you to get all the information on everything from replacing stock parts, to upgrades that are compatible with the Talaria Sting as well as tips and modifications to make your Talaria Sting even better.

Talaria Sting Review Final Score

After careful review and consideration, the Talaria Sting review final score is 8.5 out of 10.

If you have any questions, comments, or advice regarding the Talaria Sting Review, let us and our readers know in the comment section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and Team

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