Sur Ron Bash Guards: The 5 Best Bash Guards For 2022

A dent in this stock Sur Ron bash gaurd caused by going over logs
You can see the dent in this stock Sur Ron bash guard caused by going over logs

Riders that ride trails hard, jump logs, or large rocks know that the bash guard that comes stock on the Sur Ron is not very good and can be dented and damaged easily.

The Sur Ron bash guard is located on the bottom of the bike and is what covers and protects the electric motor and the belt. The bash guard is also known as a bash plate or a skid plate.

My bash guard was damaged after my third trip to the trails and was likely caused by going over some high logs. You can see this dent in the picture. Thankfully my motor and belt drive was not damaged.

This damaged bash guard is what started my search for a better bash guard, and after extensive research, these are the best bash guards currently available for the Sur Ron X and the Segway X260.

We know that the Stock Sur Ron Bash Guard won’t fully protect your motor or the Drive belt system if you ride hard on the trails. That is why we recommend that you consider replacing your Sur Ron bash guard with a more durable one and that you do it before you do some serious damage.

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Best Sur Ron Bash Guard Upgrades

During my search for the best Sur Ron bash guard, these are the 5 best Sur Ron bash guards that will fit and protect your Sur Ron and Segway X260.

Race Spec Sur Ron Pro2 Skid Plate Bash Guard

The Race Spec Sur Ron Bash Plate

The Race Spec Sur RonPro2 bash guard is new and upgraded for 2022. This is Race Specs 3rd generation Pro Skid Plate designed specifically for your Sur Ron and Segway X260.

This specially designed skid plate is made of super strong impact-resistant materials and is lightweight. This is not a metal bash guard like many on the market.

However, as I’m told by my riding buddy, this is made from a similar material that his racing dirt bike bash guard is made from, and it’s really good.

Race Spec claims that it won’t bend or be damaged like other Sur Ron bash guards on the market, and they prove it on their YouTube video.

This guard is designed with ridged edges and a contoured base for great strength and durability, and it is great for sliding over logs and rocks like the ones that damaged my bash guard.

You can purchase the Race Spec Pro2 Skid Plate Bash Gaurd at these retailers. (note: some locations may still be selling the 2nd gen bash plate, which we here are still very good.)

Aside from being a solid bash plate and great protection for my motor is that this bash plate covers the connection wires of the motor much better than the stock bash plate does. I was always worried a stick or rock was going to damage these connection wires.

Stock Sur Ron Bash Guard
The original Sur-Ron bash plate does not cover or protect the primary wires from sticks, rocks, or mud.
The Race Spec Bash Guard covering the wires
You can see how much better the Race Spec bash guard covers and protects the primary motor wires.

There is also a gap and a lip between the bash guard and the controller for optimum airflow while still protecting the motor and from objects hitting the bottom of the controller. I’ve already put this bash plate to the test on some of the logs that dented my stock Sur-Ron bash guard and it help up did the job it’s supposed to do. This Sur Ron bash guard gives me the confidence my stock bash guard just can’t.

I also like to point out how easy it was dealing with John from Race Spec Sur-Ron. John also has many great YouTube videos so you should check out his page at Race Spec Sur-Ron YouTube.

Get your Race Spec Bash Gaurd at:

Luna Sur Ron Bash Guard v1 Stainless Steel with Beauty Plate

Luna Sur Ron Bash Plate with Beauty guard Stainless Steel

This might be the nicest looking Sur Ron bash guard available and it’s definitely a fan favorite.

It’s stainless steel, it comes in silver or black, it is also reported to be well-built with great customer reviews, and is even more durable with the 2022 batch.

I have seen this on many Sur Ron bikes and if I didn’t already have my Race Spec Sur Ron bash guard on my bike I’d be getting this one.

One of the things I like about this Bash Guard the most is the amount of side protection. It also covers the primary motor wires better than any other bash guard.

One potential downside is there is no gap between the bash guard and the controller for air flow, however, I have not heard anyone using this complaining about overheated motors, so I don’t think this is a serious issue.

Since Luna makes some of the best Sur Ron parts available, if any issues arise with this bash plate, I’m sure they will modify it and I will let you know.

You can purchase this direct from Luna Cycle in California.

Luna SurRon Bash Guard Stainless Steel

Luna Sur Ron Bash Plate Stainless Steel

Another great Sur Ron bash guard from Luna Cycle that gets great reviews from users.

  • The New V2 design is thicker and twice as strong as our last version 
  • It is made of Stainless Steel, so it will never rust
  • Made in the USA out of much thicker material and redesigned to take a much bigger beating
  • 3mm thick 304-grade stainless steel
  • Available in both black and stainless steel

Canitu Skid Plate Bash Guard

Canitu Sur Ron Skid Plate Sur Ron Bash Guard

This is one of the only Sur Ron bash guards on the market that we could find that covers both sides of the motor and belt drive.

We are not sure of the durability of this bash guard on hard trails, logs, and rocks, but it looks cool and should be a good upgrade for riding on the streets.

  • Covers and protects motor and belt system
  • It’s made of high-quality Aluminum
  • Good for street riding
  • Looks great

Sur Ron Bash Guard: Stock Gaurd

Stock Sur Ron Bash Guard

The stock Sur Ron bash guard that comes with the bike may not be the best bash guard for hard trail riding and log jumping, but it is good for those riders that ride casually on the trails and that ride on the streets.

If you are one of those riders, there is no reason to spend the extra money for an upgrade, and since the stock Sur Ron Bash plate is cheaper and does the job, this will be ok for you.

You can get it at these great retailers

Sur Ron Bash Gaurd: Sur Ron Bash Plate Q&A

We know that the stock Sur Ron bash plate is not up to doing the task of protecting your motor when hard trail riding, and at some point, you are going to need to upgrade it. We recommend upgrading it before you damage your motor or belt drive system.

If you have any questions or advice, or you know of another great Sur Ron Bash Gaurd, let us and our readers know in the comments section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and The EDB Team

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